Shop local & dulcimers

COVINGTON, Ky. – This week’s Weekend in #LoveTheCov comes to you a day early on what many know as the busiest bar night of the year (while others know it as the day when they rarely leave their kitchen, busy with prepping for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving meal).

To each his own.

All that really matters is that your holiday is a good one.

Once you’ve finished your feast, you can find some good things going on in The Cov (a great event that supports our local small businesses, for one). So, scroll down and see what suits you. And again, have a good holiday.

Drink (responsibly) before you eat

Somewhere in the annals of time, Thanksgiving Eve became the biggest and busiest night for bars.

One might entertain speculation galore as to this tradition’s origin, such as whether it might have something to do with the “anticipation” of gathering around the table with opinionated family members who don’t have a filter … but who can really say?).

The point is, it’s a longstanding tradition of getting your friends together and imbibing the evening before you consume a large meal and enter a food coma on the couch.

Which leads us to this: Among many other places to sip a cocktail, bourbon, or beer in The Cov, there’s a Thanksgiving Eve Party at Braxton’s Taproom -- “Vive Punch Before Pies” (as in Vive Punch cocktails and Vive Punch bucket deals). It commences at 5 p.m. and carries on until 1 a.m. Details, HERE.   

Trivial pursuits …

Can be quite fun.

Looking for a place where your seemingly useless knowledge matters?

That place is Wednesday Trivia at The Gruff. There are three rounds and an “extra special fourth audio visual and music round” Get there early, get a seat, and show off. Details, HERE.   

It takes a village (to decorate The Village)

We know that the desire to get off the couch after all that food can be nonexistent, but here’s a little motivation.

“The Big Push Volunteer Weekend” is on Saturday and it’s all about spreading the holiday spirit by way of decorating the Goose Girl Fountain in the MainStrasse Promenade.

Help put up holiday trees, then decorate them … hang wreaths …string lights … and before you know it, you’ve helped create a festive holiday atmosphere that a whole lot of people are going to enjoy throughout the season. Details, HERE.   

Mountain music

Family and friends coming in and you don’t know what to do with them? Treat them to an afternoon of the sounds of The Hills of Kentucky Dulcimers performing holiday selections Saturday at Behringer-Crawford Museum.

The music they perform is downright transportive. Close your eyes and let that haunting, sweet sound take you to the hills of Appalachia where, beneath a canopy of autumn hues, you gaze upon a bend in the Big Sandy River … or maybe a different set of mountains, like the Scottish Highlands … or inside an English cottage in a misty glen.

The point is, the sound of dulcimer has deep old roots in a lot of hills.Trust us, you’ll be moved. Details, HERE.   

Shop small, eat big

Now there’s a task we’ll gladly take on. Especially since it involves supporting businesses in The Cov.

“Shop Small, Eat Big” is a celebration for Small Business Saturday that includes Latonia Uptown, MainStrasse Village, and Renaissance Covington (plus other areas).

Essentially it’s a community-wide shopping trip.

Stop in any participating Covington business to begin your journey. Every purchase at a participating business equals a stamp on your “passport” (which you can pick up at The Roost in Latonia), and every stamp increases your chance to win one of several prizes, valued at more than $1,000. More, HERE.   

A little abstract

Mixed media artist Mary Barr Rhodes is the resident artist at soHza Sister in MainStrasse Village on Sunday.

This cool little shop is a fitting venue for Rhodes, whose painting is a personal journey and spiritual practice that reflects feminist issues and a reverence for the natural world.

Check out the art, do a little shopping, and help yourself to wine and charcuterie (if you still have some room in your stomach). More, HERE.   

Live music

There’s … The Missy Werner Band at Molly Malone’s on Thursday, HERE … … Black Friday Artist Showcase at Madison Live! on Friday, HERE … Dan Varner at Smoke Justis on Friday, HERE … Fundraiser Show to Help Lazy D Keep it Pumpin’ at Madison Live! on Saturday, HERE … Kevin McCoy Duo at Smoke Justis on Saturday, HERE.


And then there’s …. Had enough of home-cooking? Try a MainStrasse Village Food & Culture Tour on Saturday, HERE … Treat yourself (or someone who served you that holiday feast) with a bouquet of fresh flowers from Scarlet Begonia’s Flower Truck at Cedar Restaurant on Saturday, HERE … Refurbish your fridge and pantry at Covington Farmers Market on Saturday, HERE … Do some holiday shopping for the Bourbon aficionado in your life at Smoke Justis’ Small Business Saturday Pop-Up, HERE.