Nurse Blake, the paranormal & mammograms

COVINGTON, Ky. – With Halloween just … er … (subtract the 7, carry the 1 …) 24! days away, you might notice a little bit of the spooky stuff settling into the #weekend stuff. Believe, it’ll get darker before it gets better.

But there’s also a concert, a comedy show, a breast cancer chalk and screenings event, and more.

Adults only

They average about 24 investigations a year. They use infrared cameras, digital audio recorders, and environmental measurement devices. And they seek explanations for the things that creep us out.

“They” are the Paranormal Investigators of Northern Kentucky, and they’ve been collecting evidence for 14 years,

What have they found out? What does “the other side” have to say to us?

Come to the Kenton County Public Library in Covington on Saturday and find out.

Details, HERE. And, as the headline says, the program is for adults only.


Move over, Miss Granger

Continuing the other-worldly theme, Local Studio 325 will teach you some super-necessary skills on Saturday.

It’s “Spell Crafting: Basic Spells, Herbs & Candles,” and basic supplies and tools come with the workshop fee.

Registrations required, HERE.

(And forget the Hermione reference, this might be more Bellatrix Lestrange stuff … but don’t tell 325’s proprietor we said that.)


They’re suits. They rock.

By now, you’ve probably read a bazillion articles about this next event, because the members of the part-time rock band called Suits that Rock definitely know how to get publicity.

But they also know how to sing and play, so their “Get Back” concert on Saturday at Covington Plaza will no doubt entertain.

Basically it’s the region’s house band made up of a shifting array of Northern Kentucky decision-makers. The concert is a fund-raiser for The Carnegie’s arts education programs, which is all the more reason to head to the river to hear familiar tunes, drink some drinks, pick from the food trucks parked at the Madison Overlook, and get a free camp chair.

Details and tickets, HERE.


Nurse Blake

He’s a Registered Nurse. And he has something to say. Lots of things, actually. And they’re funny.

The real-life Level 1-Trauma-Center-nurse-accidentally-turned-comic will be at Madison Theater on Sunday, making you laugh and think.

It’s the Nurse Blake PTO Comedy Tour, Blake being the gay nurse who was banned from giving blood and now, years later, has over 1.4 million followers on FB … 8.2 million “likes” on TikTok …  167,000 subscribers on YouTube … 820,000 followers on Instagram … and who knows how much raving acceptance at all the other places we fawn over popular people.

Tickets (and they’re going fast), HERE.


Chalk & the big ‘C’

A lot of breast cancer awareness events in the 10th month every year are about showing support, and we at the City are doing some of that, what with our police officers wearing pink badges, City Hall lit up in pink-colored bulbs, City employees wearing pink T-shirts, Parks & Rec decorating the front window, and the like.

But here’s an event that actually could – and probably will – save lives.

It’s the “Chalk Tribute for Breast Cancer Awareness Event” … and it includes free mammogram screenings in the St. Elizabeth Mammogram van. Appointments are required, by the end of the day Friday.

While you’re at it, come decorate a square in the parking lot of the former Value City/Burlington Coat Factory lot (now ReGadget) in honor of someone who has or had breast cancer. The event is Sunday morning, and details (and screening signups) are HERE.


Ethereal lead

Remember doodling with a pencil while bored out of your gourd in Mrs. Johnston’s class?

Don Hurd doesn’t doodle. He creates extremely detailed drawings – all with a pencil, with just a touch of color. They make you want to crawl inside the frame, actually, and live there.

Come see Hurd and his works at Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop on Saturday. Details, HERE.


Dance Move Create

Here’s one for your kids: NKU’s School of the Arts will hold a creative dance workshop for kids 4 and up out under the trees on Saturday morning near the Behringer-Crawford Museum in Covington’s Devou Park.

Preregistration for “Dance Move Create” is optional, HERE.



And then there’s … the Chesapeake Connector Demonstration and Pop-Up Bike Shop on Saturday, HERE … the Covington Farmers Market on Saturday morning, HERE … Mainstrasse Village Food Tour on Saturday, HERE … the Latonia Second Sunday Market, HERE.