Pumpkin guts, wizard hats & crown

COVINGTON, Ky. – This weekend is about variety in The Cov, as in an eclectic array of features and events that will tickle all your tastes.
We’ve got street hockey and pro wrestling, a home tour and pumpkin carving, an art exhibit and YA fiction, vintage clothing and wizard hats (sometimes they’re the same), music, crown chakras and more.
Time for a story, kiddos
First, something for the littlest among us. Bedtime stories are great and all, but beginning the day with a good story could really get little mental engines churning for the day.
Then again, it could also make your tot want a late-morning nap … and that could be a good thing too, right?
If your wee one is 3 to 6 years old, then check out the Kenton County Public Library and Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center’s Art Storytime starting at 10 a.m. Friday in the Baker Hunt auditorium.
As the name suggests, there’s an art project (supplies included) to go along with the story theme. More, HERE
Pumpkin guts
Get your carvin’ plan all figured out because it’s time to select that round, orange canvas and support the Mutter Gottes Neighborhood Association when you do.
Come Saturday, the Mutter Gottes Annual Pumpkin Sale is back, and there will be a bounty of gourds and pumpkins to choose from.
Pick your pumpkin from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., then go home and get to carvin’. Details, HERE.  
No holds barred
They used to be tag-team partners and allies. Friends even. But – as things are wont to progress in pro wrestling – those friendly feelings are over. Now Ella and Salena Dean – she being Women’s Revolution champion “Mean” Salena Dean – are aiming to whomp the hail out of each other … and you’re invited.
But that’s not even the featured match of the evening when the Northern Wrestling Federation returns to Hits Indoor Baseball & Sportsplex in Covington on Saturday.
The featured attraction has a belt on the line, as Rex defends his championship title vs. Nasty Russ. There’s also Juice vs. Titan, and catch The Prodigy, Sir Octavius Bentley, “Hollywood” Adam Swayze, and more.
Tickets, HERE.
Peak season produce
Harvest time is prime time for good pickin’ … as in apples … beets …carrots … chard … chili peppers … corn … collard greens … kale … and … we could keep going, but you get the picture (and it’s a colorful one).
This seasonal bounty translates into prime time for hearty soups … stews … roasted vegetables … and tasty cobblers.
The local growers and producers at Covington Farmers Market will have you prepared to whip up some magical flavors all weekend. Check ’em out on Saturday. Details, HERE.
Good things popping up
As in RepeatStyles.
That’s the new vendor in the Pike Street Pop-Up and they’re all about sustainable, cost-effective, and vintage styles.
Think “evolving lifestyle brand” focusing on unique, beautiful, hand-selected vintage pieces … a focus on gender-neutral apparel … with a big welcome to anyone and everyone who wants to evolve their style.
Shop opens on Friday. Store hours, HERE.  
Calling bada$$ women
If your friends are pointing out that you’re a little close-minded and cynical lately, there’s a good chance your crown chakra is off kilter. Set it straight, sister.
The Purple Tent: A Woman’s Group will show you how. This once-a-month gathering happens Friday at Warrior Spirit Wellness yoga studio in Latonia.
That crown chakra of yours is associated with purple (hence “Purple Tent”) and is all about your ever-so-important higher consciousness and divine connection. Here’s why The Purple Tent is the place to tend to it: It’s a central hub to receive guidance, support, and encouragement through all aspect and chapters of a woman’s life.
Maidens, mothers, and crones are all welcome.
Bottom line: The Purple Tent is about being a bada$$ female. You know you’re one, so go. Details, HERE
CSHL vs. the big C
When the Covington Street Hockey League takes on cancer on Saturday, specifically leukemia and lymphoma, our money will be on the guys carrying big sticks … and yours should be too.
The mighty puck-slingin’ master skaters of CSHL are set to score serious funds to support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Come out and show your support for these lads … and your contempt for diseases that need to go away.
Play starts at 10 a.m. at Barb Cook Park and the sips are later at Gypsy’s in Covington.
Get the scoop, HERE
Pointy chapeaus
Hierophany & Hedge completely understands the burden that wizards once had to bear.
Back in the day, if a wizard wanted to get somewhere with their hair dry and not so windblown, they needed a hat. Being wonderfully chic with a keen sense for timeless fashion, wizards knew that a wide-brimmed chapeau with a pointy peak was not only THE LOOK, but functional too.
Contemporary wizards are every bit as savvy.
For the discerning sorcerer, Hierophany & Hedge now offers handmade hats (“hat” seems so benign a word for something so magnificent, but … alas), and they’re from – where else, but that bastion of magic itself – Oklahoma.
Because wizards are on tight schedules these days (‘tis the season, after all), Hierophany & Hedge will be open from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday, noon to 5 p.m. Saturday, and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday.
Rev up your broom and swoop in. Easy parking. More, HERE.   
Adieu to RESIDUE
Maria Seda-Reeder’s “RESIDUE” exhibit comes to a close Saturday at The Carnegie.  
There’s a proper reception for the close of this exhibit that invited visitors to give thought to the relationship between art and audience. Come for a final look at the exhibit and stick around for a panel discussion. It’s a starting point for digging into deeper about art and farming and how the two do intertwine. 
RESIDUE artist Maggie Lawson will moderate a panel of talented female-identified farmers/artists like Karla Batres of Gilvin Family Farm, Toncia L. Chavez of ETC Produce & Provisions, Marykate Glenn of Mustard Seed Farm, and Amanda Wilson of Old Dutch Hops.
Wear a mask. Details, HERE.
YA is da bomb
As in Young Adult literature. It’s not just for ’tweens and teens anymore (was it ever?)
Those YA themes of conflicts with authority, economic struggle, and loss … uh, yeah, we still get it, and all too well.
YA author Jasmine Warga – the John A. Newberry Honor-winning, New York Times best-selling Jasmine Warga – will visit the Kenton County Public Library on Saturday to talk about stories and why she likes writing them.
Warga will have copies of her new book, The Shape of Thunder, so stick cash in your pocket, because you will want to read this local writer’s work. Details, HERE
Peek into someone’s home 
But not in the creepy, stalking, voyeur way. No, we’re talking the ‘I’m seeking a view of tasteful, cool, historic homes” kind of peek.
There’s a one-day (entirely legal) tour for that.
On Sunday, Beyond the Curb’s urban living tour offers a self-guided visit to 12 homes in what are two of The Cov’s cool, historic, eclectic neighborhoods: Old Seminary Square and Westside.
Buy a ticket and see all 12 homes. When you do, you’ll enter a raffle for a Cov-themed gift basket. Tour begins at OKOTA Wedding Design, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Masks required while inside properties on the tour.
If you’re not already living in The Cov, you’ll want to move here. More, HERE
Live tuneage
Kevin McCoy Duo tonight at Smoke Justis, HERE … Leroy Ellington on Friday at Smoke Justis, HERE …  Ethan & Joey at Smoke Justis on Saturday, HERE. … An Evening with Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real at Madison Theater on Saturday, HERE.
And then there’s …. featured artist Beto Gomez’s art on display all weekend Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop, HERE … Bengals Tailgate Party on Sunday at Covington Yard, HERE …   Catch the FCC Soccer Shuttle at Molly Malone’s on Saturday, HERE.