Register for police, fire exams by Friday deadline

Want to protect The Cov as a First Responder? Positions open

COVINGTON, Ky. – If you ever dreamed of being a police officer or firefighter in The Cov, Friday midnight is the deadline to take the first step.
That’s the last day to register to take the upcoming entrance exam for both vocations: The fire exam is Oct. 9, and the police exam is Oct. 16.
To sign up for the police officer exam and learn more about the job and the benefits Covington pays, click HERE. Likewise, to sign up for the firefighter exam and learn more about that job, click HERE.
Details about the exams – such as the time they start, the location, and where to park – will be sent via email to applicants, said Patrick Duffy, the City’s Human Resources generalist. For a fee, applicants can also get optional practice exams.
The exams will help both departments create eligibility lists for future hires. The process of becoming a police officer and firefighter has many steps: For example, police recruits new to the profession attend the 20-week police academy put on by the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training and then report to Covington for field training, and fire recruits attend a 10-week, in-house program nicknamed “duck school.”
The Covington Police Department has immediate openings. Leaders say the job isn’t for everyone but provides a lot of opportunity to help the community.
“Being a Covington Police officer is both challenging and rewarding,” Assistant Chief Brian Valenti said. “We regularly go from being investigators and problem-solvers one minute to marriage counselors and great communicators the next. It is our goal to provide excellent customer service and work with the community to make Covington a better place to live, work and play.”
The Fire Department also has immediate openings. Many of its recent hires have been “laterals” hired after leaving other departments, “but we’re looking to get younger, fresh faces, especially those who grew up in Covington,” said Misty Haas, the Fire Department’s business analyst.
Fire Chief Mark Pierce said Covington is an attractive place to work given its pay and benefits, room for advancement, and activity.
“We’re bigger and busier, and firefighters want to be where the action is,” he said. “That’s what draws people to Covington’s department.”
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