Open Parks & Rec job all about ‘fun’

Jess Link, Covington Parks & Rec's outgoing recreation program coordinator, shows their face-painting skills.

City seeking recreation program coordinator; apply by Sept. 24 

COVINGTON, Ky. – Bring the fun.
That’s the job of the recreation program coordinator, and Covington Parks & Rec is looking for one to replace Jess Link, who’s leaving after 2½ years to work for the University of Cincinnati.
The job opening can be seen HERE, and applications are due by Sept. 24.
Parks & Rec chief Ben Oldiges said he’s looking for someone who is high-energy, creative, has multiple interests, loves and wants to be in Covington, and is “committed to bringing the fun.”
“Programming in recreation is one of the more beautiful things in the world – the job can be whatever you want it to be,” Oldiges said.
Historically, programming at Covington’s over 30 parks and playgrounds has included everything from sports and fitness to arts and crafts, with a monstrous list of activities over the years that, for example, has included Easter Egg hunts, yoga, fishing derbies, swim contests, a home run derby, basketball clinics, dog swims, outdoor movies, Shakespeare in the Park, Family Activity Kits, frog races, and more.
While loyal to “legacy programming,” the City is always open to new, creative suggestions, said Oldiges, who got his start programming activities in Boone County.
“The possibilities are endless – for example, we did archery and astronomy,” he said.
While the “base” hours for the position fall during the day, Monday-Friday, the new coordinator should expect to work evenings and weekends because, well, that’s when a lot of activities happen.
Link said they had a lot of fun in Covington working with a lot of different people to pull off activities. They expect their successor to have the same experience.
“This role is all about community partnerships and direct service,” Link said. “While I’ll miss being in the throes of Parks and Recreation programming, I can’t wait to see what the next coordinator serves up.”
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