Graze, ’gaze, tag a butterfly (gently)

COVINGTON, Ky. – There is no excuse to sit home bored this weekend because it’s packed with options.
(Seriously, in well over three years of compiling this narrative weekend events feature, we’ve never seen so many compelling events.)
First, there’s food (the first Taste the Cov event AND the Taste of Latonia AND the Summer of Cov Night Bazaar), then there’s volunteer events, and an audition, an art auction, and music.
(Not to mention fence weaving and butterfly tagging and …)
Again, though, be safe and use common sense.
Graze your way through The Cov
Admittedly, for some of us every week is a “Taste of the Cov.” And rightfully so. Sometimes we’re paralyzed by choice. So. Many. Amazing. Restaurants.
This weekend we invite the uninitiated to enjoy the very first bona fide ‘Taste the Cov.”
The event kicks off tonight and offers some mighty sweet deals, like $6 food and $4 drink specials at participating culinary venues … of which there are almost two dozen.
Tickets aren’t necessary, but a res is highly recommended where available. So, get on it. We have Renaissance Covington and MeetNKY to thank for this divine experience, HERE.
Put your friend on a leash
While you’re feasting throughout Taste the Cov, don’t forget that your pup deserves a night out on the town too.
Tonight’s “Paws on the Patio” at Keystone Bar & Grill means you can sip seasonal specials – maybe a Tito’s Tail Wagger? -- while your best friend laps up a complimentary treat from Fido’s Freezzy’s.
Details HERE.
Feeling blue?
G. Miles and the Kentucky Cuzins open for soulful electric blues artist Chris Cain tonight at Band of Helping Hands on Decoursey Avenue.
Proceeds support activities for at-risk children and young adults. HERE.
Monarch migration
Everything about this volunteer event falls under the category of “things that are nothing short of astonishing.”
First, there’s the unimaginable truth that one can secure a tracking tag on a butterfly’s wing. If you’re lucky, you will net some iconic monarchs and watch them get “tagged” at the pollinator gardens Saturday at Goebel and Randolph Parks during an event organized by the City’s Parks & Rec folks.
Second, (and we know this -- it’s why we grow milkweed in our gardens), is that the Eastern Monarch Butterfly population has declined more than 80 percent in the last two decades.
The third truly amazing thing is that those delicate wings can travel thousands of miles. You struggle to get 10,000 steps on your Fitbit? A tagged butterfly recently tagged near Perryville, Ky., was found in Michoacán, Mexico.
You need to register to participate, HERE.
Weed & weave
We thought about not mentioning the weeding, but ...
Keep Covington Beautiful is recruiting volunteers to help plant a native garden along the alley at Redden Garden on Saturday morning as part of its periodic Great American Cleanup events.
Plans are to weed, then plant, and then – if enough folks pitch in – begin weaving a fence from natural materials. Talk about time well spent. This is it. Learn more, HERE.
The Incinerator Trail
No need to drive all the way to the Gorge to enjoy a moderately paced hike with some pretty scenery.
The final dates in Cov Parks & Rec’s Urban Hike Series focus on the Backcountry Trails of Devou Park, and first up Saturday is the Incinerator Trail.
Details, and a map of the meet-up spot in Ludlow, HERE.
If we could have made it fit, we’d have very much preferred to write “Zepplenpod, Bailbok, and Olluz walked into The Laughing Lodge” as the headline.
What we’re referring to is Covington artist and author Mike Maydak’s new book, Agnimu Rehpot’s The Curiously Astounding Phenomenal Wander (and we’ll leave you to unpack what any of that means).
We can tell you the book features some cool art – like graphic art married impressionism and had a baby called pop art. That kind of cool.
Get your own look Saturday at Roebling Point Books & Coffee when Maydak – who lives here in The Cov – will discuss, sign, and sell his book.
Odds are you know his work. You know those twisty, misshapen images that you’ve seen of the Roebling Suspension Bridge and Mother of God Church? They’re his. Seriously big cool factor here. Details, HERE.
Gaze into the music
Seeking a little dreamgaze with hints of shoegaze?
(Cool people know we’re referring to subgenres of indie and alternative rock, characterized by ethereal and obscured vocals, guitar distortion and effects.)
Anyway, you’re in luck.
Saturday night at Madison Live, you can find Cincinnati-based Sungaze, a self-described American Dreamgaze band (with “realms of shoegaze”).
And they’re not alone. Divino Nino and PHYSCO are in the lineup too, if arena rock is what you crave. More HERE.
If you want to focus your eating and drinking in the The Cov this weekend, go to Roebling Point for the Summer of Cov Night Bazaar, where not only can you visit the neighborhood watering holes and restaurants but you can also visit local vendors and take in live performances (think Judy Garland)
Come support our small businesses Saturday evening while you sip, dine, and are richly entertained. Details HERE.
Casting call
Ready for your close-up?
The Carnegie is casting for The Sound of Music. We’re talking the Von Trapps, folks, so you’ve got a good shot because there are ample parts (are you good at slipping away in the night across picturesque mountains?)
Auditions start Saturday and are available virtually or in-person. You don’t even have to call your agent for this one. Book your time HERE.
… then Behringer-Crawford Museum’s freshArt 2021 is just what you’re looking for.
Some 31 local artists created truly “fresh” art en plein air in Covington’s Devou Park recently, and it’s all available for purchase by the highest bidder Saturday at BCM’s online auction.
What was originally going to be a full-fledged gala was recently changed because of COVID concerns, but that didn’t affect the quality or uniqueness of the art. A portion of the sale price goes to the artist, and the balance is donated to the museum to benefit educational programs.
Make sure you register before the bidding starts. All details HERE.
Kick back with a scoop of lactose-free ice cream, libations, and a nap, er, well, Knapp that is, as in the acoustic sounds of The Cov’s own Kyle Knapp, who is on the patio Friday at Piper’s Café,  HERE. … Holy Cross High School’s Indian Summer Festival is back this weekend with all the ingredients of good festival fun: games, drink, live music, and Taste of Latonia, HERE. … Bring the family to the Hellman Creative Center on Saturday to connect with neighbors and learn skills to strengthen community at the “Art Builds Community” event sponsored by The Center for Great Neighborhoods,  HERE. … Start your weekly food prep with some fresh produce from the Covington Farmers Market, HERE.