Survey seeks basement flooding info

Torrential rains in June 2019 flooded streets and basements.

COVINGTON, Ky. -- If your basement floods during heavy rain, here’s a reminder that the City of Covington wants to make sure you’re on a list of addresses where flooded basements have been reported in the past.

Step 1: See if your address is on this list:

Step 2: If NOT on the list, fill out this short, online questionnaire:

The 10-question survey is designed to build a more complete picture of which areas suffer from periodic flooding, regardless of whether water backs up through a floor drain or comes in from outside through a door or window, said Rich Anthony, the City’s project engineer. The City took over parts of the storm water management system earlier this year and “inherited” a database that appears to have gaps.

The data accumulation is the first step toward trying to address longtime issues with storm drainage.