BBQ, boy bands & Eldritch supplies

COVINGTON, Ky. – You’ve got a three-day weekend to fill, and there’s no need to leave The Cov to fill it.
Kick your heels to fine tunes (boy bands and others). Eat Smokin’ BBQ on the river. Do the art thing at Baker Hunt or The Carnegie. Check out some, er, interesting shops. Or strategize your Sunday evening to navigate your way to the river’s edge for a Labor Day Weekend tradition.
Above all, be safe. Delta is out there, and it can be unforgiving.
Smokin’ on the water
Delicious food and fine live music along the river. It must be Friday night in Covington.
Smoke on the River BBQ Fest kicks off Friday night at 5 p.m. and runs through Sunday at the new Covington Plaza. Admission is free and so is our wise counsel to be safe. Crowds, you know.
But have fun (and plenty of good BBQ). We’re talking everything from a smoked biscuit taco to BBQ currywurst to smoked ancho rubbed pork tostada to BBQ Cajun chicken on a stick. More HERE. Oh, and no libations on Sunday. Scroll down for why.
From our Pike Street windowfront we’ve shared pictures on social media documenting the arrival of our neighbor Hierophany & Hedge across the way (“Reagents - Wands - Talismans”)!
Tonight, the self-described “purveyors of fine eldritch goods and services” are celebrating the arrival of new candles (and the feast day yesterday of Saint Giles the Hermit, the famous medieval vegetarian and one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers) with extended twilight hours.
The candles were lit at 5 p.m. and will burn through 9 p.m. (Late hours maximize the glow.) And take a look at the long weekend hours, HERE.
Any shop that labels its posts with #magicshop, #witchesofinstagram, and #makesquintinggreatagain hashtags is worth checking out.
Heavy on the macabre
And since we fantasize about starting an intra-city spiritual world beef and sparking a healthy competition, we’re going to tout the new drops and restocks (books, vinyl, and VHS) newly loaded on the shelves at the impossible-to-describe Hail Records & Oddities across the way in MainStrasse Village.
By “impossible-to-describe” we mean just your basic heavy-on-the-macabre assortment of floating raccoon hands, stuffed goats, black scorpions, Pennywise buttons, “High Magick” editions, and selenite wands (to go with the seriously rare LPs).
Details, HERE.
Be the next Banksy or Haring …
Or just learn how to draw your own hand.
Want visitors taking #LoveTheCov selfies in front of a local building that features your street art? Baker Hunt has a Street Art class to get you on your way. Maybe learn how to boil or broil seafood Maryland style? Or take step one toward your masterpiece with a beginner drawing class? 
You can do it during Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center’s Fall 2021 session. This weekend is the time to enroll. More than 100 classes to choose from in art, cooking, yoga. Details HERE.
Boy bands. ’nuff said
Fireworks on the river? Cool. But do you know what’s at Devou Park Amphitheater on Saturday? Nearly a century of songs by famous boy bands.
Ink Spots. Beach Boys. Temptations. Boys II Men. NSYNC. Kentucky Symphony and No Promises Vocal Band is bringing it all home for The Boy Band Diaries concert.
Spread a wide blanket on that hillside because you will want your share of dance space for this one. Details HERE.
Implicate. Unpack. Co-create.
That’s what Maria Seda-Reeder’s curated exhibit, RESIDUE, at The Carnegie invites visitors to do when they step into the gallery.
RESIDUE features art from both coasts as well as the talented artists in our own backyard.
The Carnegie Galleries are free and open to the public. Hours are Thursday through Saturday, noon to 5 p.m. Plan a visit (and The Carnegie asks that you don’t forget your mask). More HERE.
Light. It. Up. (or cry because summer is over)
The annual end-of-summer blowout is upon us on Sunday.
We’re inclined to agree with the Mayor that the best place to watch the Western & Southern/WEBN Fireworks is curled up on the couch in front of your own television (we might be paraphrasing a little), what with the traffic, the crowds, and the Delta variant.
Since not everyone agrees … if you DO head to the riverfront (reliable rules and street closing map HERE), make sure you plan to have safe, smart fun.
Remember, no alcohol, but if someone comes overserved and hurls near your feet, you might be seriously happy that you brought your mask. Just saying. Be safe. Be smart. Have fun. More HERE.
And then there’s … the USA qualifier game – 2022 FIFA World Cup – playing at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub tonight, HERE … the Smoke & Queers Patio Burlesque show on Saturday evening at Lil’s Bagels, HERE … the College Football Tailgate Party (the UK and UC games) late morning Saturday at Covington Yard, HERE … a Special Labor Day pre-party with DJ Cue at The Standard starts at 4 p.m. Sunday. Details HERE. … Here on the first weekend of Bourbon Heritage Month, give a shoutout and tip a neat pour to The Bourbon Review’s Best Bourbon Bars of 2021 because some of them are right here in the Cov: Bourbon Haus 1841. The Globe. Rich’s Proper Food & Drink. Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar. Goodfella’s MainStrasse. Libby’s Southern Comfort. Smoke Justis. And Revival Vintage Spirits & Bottle Shop all made the list. B-Line be doing it right. More HERE.