e-Gift card lets you Love The Cov’s businesses

Here are three of the 30 small businesses who have signed up to participate thus far in the all-digital Love The Cov e-Gift card.

Already, 30 have signed up to participate

COVINGTON, Ky. – Plagued with the nagging question of what to buy for (fill in the blank with name of impossible-to-buy-for friend or relative here)? 

Renaissance Covington has a solution, and it’s one that spreads the love – and the spending – throughout the Covington small business community: The all-digital Love The Cov e-Gift card, offering ease of use for customers and security and confidence for businesses.
Already, more than 30 small businesses in the city are participating, including restaurants, bars, retail shops, and, so far, one mechanic – NRP Tire & Auto. But that list is growing, said Renaissance Covington’s executive director, Nick Wade.
“The goal is to have 75 percent of all the small businesses in Covington participating,” Wade said. “We will be continuously onboarding.”
The impact could be exponential, Covington Economic Development Director Tom West said.
“In addition to the obvious and immediate payoff for local businesses, this gives those of us who Love The Cov the opportunity to share that with others by inviting a friend or family member to enjoy the quirky uniqueness we call Covington, maybe for the first time,” West said. “So there is a potential to create the longer term benefit of repeat business as well.”
The card is available through Yiftee, an eGift card and promotions solution platform for local businesses and communities.
“Often in these gift-card programs there’s a really expensive upfront cost – it’s incredibly expensive to print cards,” said Nick Wade, Renaissance Covington executive director. “With Yiftee, everything is digital, so you’ll never have a physical gift card – it comes in an email, and you can show it to the business.”
The Love The Cov eGift card is backed by Mastercard, so local businesses know that when they swipe the card – as long as there’s a balance on the card – they’re guaranteed payment.
“In the eyes of a business owner, that’s very important,” Wade said.
Plus, Wade adds, payment to the business is immediate.
“A lot of communities will do a gift certificate program and then there’s that delay because you have to send in the gift certificate to be redeemed by whoever’s leading that charge,” Wade said. “The Love The Cov card is immediate and it’s financially sound.”
How it works
The Love The Cov eGift Card can be purchased HERE in any increment, although the common ones are $5, $25, and $50. Upon purchase, a digital card with a code is emailed to buyers. To use the card, just show that card upon checkout. 
Recipients can choose to redeem the entire value at any one of the participating businesses throughout Covington, or mix it up and spend it at multiple locations.
A map at the link shows participating businesses (although it’s still being updated), and there’s also a list at the bottom of this release.
The Covington ‘collective’
Several small business owners who have signed up to participate said they like not only that the card will help their sales but also that it will encourage people to shop throughout the City’s neighborhoods.
Mary Kay Lonneman, owner of MK’s Totebags & Monogramming at 523 Main St., said she’s “thrilled” to be a partner in the Love The Cov eGift card.
“It encourages people to shop all over Covington and to experience all the different areas of Covington, and all that Covington has to offer,” Lonneman said. “We have a great little shop here, and we’re looking forward to people coming in and using the gift card.”
Charlotte Rayne, who owns Chops, Cheese & Chives, a neighborhood butcher, grocer, and deli at 420 Madison Ave., spoke to the City’s unique “collective.”
“I look forward to seeing people throughout our community come in – and love being part of the collective that makes Covington so great,” Rayne said.

For Caitie Mix, co-owner of Greenline Salon at 201 W. Sixth St., participating in the card puts her in good company.
“I think, for us, it’s great to have a network with everybody,” Mix said. “Associating your name with other businesses -- I think that it helps cross-promote all of the businesses. And I thought it was a great idea to keep the money local, to keep it within Covington.”
Wade said the timing of the roll-out was strategic.
“We wanted to get it out in enough time to get the community comfortable with it before the holidays came around,” Wade said. “It also gives us time to get more businesses on board.”
Wade said the card could be a great gift for employees, customers, friends, and family.
“Instead of giving a gift card for one place, why not buy a gift card that you can use at 30, 40, or 50 different businesses?” he said.
Where to redeem
Businesses who want to participate can sign up at the landing page for the gift card, although there’s a short delay while they’re approved, Wade said.
The Love The Cov eGift Card is currently accepted at the following businesses:
  • Behringer-Crawford Museum
  • Bouquet Restaurant*
  • Bourbon Haus 1841
  • Buttercup Cake House*
  • Chops, Cheese & Chives
  • Crafts & Vines
  • Creative House of Art & Design
  • Eishaus
  • Frosthaus
  • Garden Grove Organics
  • Glass Monkey
  • The Globe
  • Grainwell*
  • Greenline Salon
  • The Gruff
  • Kentucky Botanical Co.
  • Lean Bodies Gym & Yoga Studio*
  • Left Bank Coffeehouse
  • Lil's Bagels
  • Lisse Steakhouse*
  • Local Studio 325
  • MKs Totebags
  • Molly Malone’s Irish Pub
  • Mud Lane Blooms @ Pike St. Pop-Up
  • NRP Tire & Auto
  • Revival Vintage Spirits & Bottle Shop*
  • Rich's Proper Food & Drink
  • Save Discount Drugs
  • Smoke Justis
  • Yankee Doodle Deli
(*In progress)
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