‘Covington … is collateral damage’

Mayor appears on KET to explain concerns 

with Brent Spence ‘fix’

COVINGTON, Ky. – Mayor Joe Meyer appeared live on the statewide program “Kentucky Tonight” on Monday evening to talk about Covington’s concerns with the plan as currently designed to “fix” the Brent Spence Bridge by building a companion bridge next to it, and then tolling it.
To hear a succinct and passionate summary of those concerns, click on the program HERE. (Meyer first starts talking at 25:40.)
The mayor explains the inequity of where tolls would be charged, the impact of “diverted” traffic on Covington’s streets, the expected traffic jams when eight lanes drop off to four, the cost of public safety response, and the devastation to neighborhoods and business districts that would be caused when an eight-lane bridge is built in the city.
“This project, the way it’s designed, is making Covington and its people and its neighborhoods and its businesses collateral damage to a project that really doesn’t serve us very well,” Meyer said.
Later he talks about how the state’s funding formula for public roads treats cities unfairly.
Thank you to the veteran and always professional Renee Shaw for the invite. And thanks to Kentucky Educational Television for hosting a serious-minded program, week in and week out, that provides a forum for discussing important issues and policy.
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