Witches' brews & you

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(EDITOR'S NOTE: This is another in a series of recycling tips from the City of Covington's Neighborhood Services Department, Solid Waste & Recycling Division.)
COVINGTON, Ky. – Here’s a tip: Don’t eat yellow snow.
Here's another tip: If you picked one area of recycling on which to focus your efforts, one that would have the biggest impact on protecting the environment and people’s health, it likely should be e-waste and its relatives.
From toxic coolants to heavy metals to flame retardants, appliances that plug in or run on batteries contain a veritable witch’s brew of harmful materials taken directly from the Periodic Table of Elements – all of which too often is recklessly buried to let decompose and leach.
This is scary stuff, folks.
Below we list two websites that provide a comprehensive treatment of what you can and can’t recycle in the way of electronics and appliances, why you should recycle, and where and how you can recycle it.
(And btw, the City and its partners are holding an e-waste recycling event June 26. Stay tuned for details.)
The sites:
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