A steady but thoughtful return to ‘normal’

Even as life slowly returns to “normal,” signs at City Hall advise City employees to be cautious and considerate of others.

City starting to roll back pandemic-related restrictions, programs

COVINGTON, Ky. – The pandemic isn’t over … yet.
But as COVID-19 case numbers continue to decrease and the number of people vaccinated continues to rise, the City of Covington is easing away from some of the restrictions and special programs it instituted throughout 2020 to protect its citizens and save jobs.
Taking cues from Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Covington Mayor Joe Meyer this week signed several executive orders rolling back previous orders.
  • Masks: Any person who has received the final dose of a COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior is no longer required to wear a face covering in any setting.
  • Meetings: City boards, committees, panels, and task forces can meet in person rather than virtually, as long as they follow federal, state, and local health and safety directives.
  • Fees: The City will no longer waive permit fees commonly associated with development, construction, and renovation projects, namely dumpster permits, encroachment permits, and zoning permits. The City had waived those fees for 14 months as a way to encourage development and protect jobs.
Details of these new executive orders (and the original ones) can be seen on the City’s COVID-19 site HERE.
Assistant City Manager Bruce Applegate, who was appointed the City’s coronavirus response coordinator in March 2020, said Covington intended to be thoughtful and deliberate – but still energetic -- in rolling back pandemic-related changes.
“The actions by the state and Mayor Meyer represent a dedication to getting life in Covington back to normal as quickly as possible,” Applegate said. “Obviously we all need to continue to be cautious, because COVID-19 continues to cause problems in the region and around the world. However, the City is following closely the announcements being made by health experts and leaders like Gov. Beshear to keep things moving forward at the fastest pace allowed. Covington businesses, residents and visitors should stay tuned to the City’s communications as we continue to implement their advice and prepare the community for an exciting summer.”
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