‘Fresh’ faces, energy sought for 6 City boards

The City needs to fill a vacancy on the board that makes recommendations about  infrastructure and maintenance in Devou Park.

Apply now to fill vacancies

COVINGTON, Ky. – You don’t have to run for elected office to make a difference in how the City of Covington operates.
Instead, you can serve on any one of 30 or so appointed boards and commissions that do everything from guide improvements at Devou Park to hear appeals of property maintenance citations to help in the hiring of public safety officers.
If you’re interested, apply now, because the City needs to fill vacancies on six of those boards.
Who should apply?
Passion, reliability, and a love of The Cov is a must, Mayor Joe Meyer said, but the City is especially seeking women, minorities, and other diverse voices to help ensure that board membership reflects the different populations that make up Covington.
“We’re looking for fresh faces, new names, and different backgrounds to help us run different aspects of the City,” Meyer said. “We don’t want to just do things the way we’ve always done them, so whether you want to effect change, improve efficiency, or just make Covington a stronger place, we’re interested in hearing from you.”
You can apply online or print out an application and return it to the City. Both options are available on the City’s Boards & Commission page, HERE, where you can also learn more about the boards’ makeup, responsibilities, and meeting schedules.
If you have questions, email them to 
The six boards that currently have vacancies:
  • Covington Motor Vehicle Parking Authority: Has the power of acquisition, incurring of debt, creation and operation of public street and off-street parking facilities.
  • Kenton County Planning Commission (a regional board with Covington representation): Helps decide how land is used and developed throughout Kenton County; responsibilities include adopting a comprehensive plan and reviewing proposed zoning changes, development plans, the subdivision of land, construction of cellular towers, and provisions for public facilities.
  • Devou Park Advisory Committee: Makes recommendations to the Covington City Commission about park infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Board of Examiners for Police and Firefighters: Convenes as needed to administer the entrance exam for fire and police, and administer police promotional exams.
  • City Employees' Non-Uniform Civil Service Commission: Conducts disciplinary hearings for the City non-uniform employees who are protected by the State’s Civil Service laws.
  • Code Enforcement Hearing Board: Issues orders and imposes civil fines for violations of the nuisance code. 
Under Kentucky law, the Mayor appoints the members of these boards and commissions, subject to the approval of the Board of Commissioners.
Most of the boards include nominal pay for meeting attendance, but the workload – and the time demands – vary widely.
“Covington has long been fortunate to have dedicated community members who serve on these bodies, and we’re looking to tap that civic engagement again,” Meyer said.
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