Snow & Ice Team back at it

Backhoe operator Lonnie Johnson dumps a load of salt into a Kenworth dump truck driven by fleet mechanic Doug Meyung and driver Danny Peters.

Public Works crews plowing, salting streets through the night

COVINGTON, Ky. – Bright lights, blowing snow, lots of noise, and carefully choreographed action.

That was the scene late into Monday night at the City of Covington’s salt dome on Boron Drive as Public Works crews ramped up efforts to keep streets safe to drive.

Fleet Division supervisor Steve Hedger -- the City's "snow commander" this week on the Department's rotating schedule -- said crews spent the afternoon installing plows, loading salt, and pretreating streets.

As he explained to Fox19's Courtney King during an interview outside the dome, the 16 drivers or so on the first or “A” team will work until about midnight, when the second or “B” team takes over. He expected crews to continue salting and plowing the streets as long as the snow comes down.

Predictions call for 2 to 4 inches (but of course that could change).

“Either way, it’s going to be another long night,” Hedger said.