Job openings feature outdoor work

The City is hiring landscape and maintenance workers for the year. Here, a permanent employee in the Public Works Department, James Johnson, knocks down weeds on the riverfront.

Public Works, Solid Waste & Recycling hiring ‘seasonals’

COVINGTON, Ky. – Want a job working in the fresh air of the great outdoors instead of being “chained” to a desk or stuck on a factory line?
The City of Covington is hiring a dozen or so “seasonal” workers to tackle an array of primarily outdoors duties, including things like cutting grass and painting crosswalks on streets, as winter turns to spring.
While temporary, the positions help workers build a resume and accumulate experience – and in several cases, they’ve led to permanent positions with the City.
“In fact, we just hired somebody who first came to work for us in a ‘seasonal’ position,” said Chris Warneford, Covington’s Public Works Director. “He already had knowledge of the jobs out there, and so he was the best qualified.”
Public Works is hiring the bulk of the temporary workers, while the City’s Solid Waste & Recycling Division is hiring a couple as well.
Links and application instructions to all of the openings can be found HERE.
People shouldn’t delay in applying, since officials are interviewing and hiring as the applications come in. Some positions start almost immediately.
Public Works
The positions in the Public Works Department will be spread across various divisions that maintain streets and sidewalks, parks, facilities, public property, and urban canopy (trees).
Duties will include things like cutting grass, trimming weeds, pruning bushes and trees, removing litter, planting and watering trees, painting and repairing fences, cleaning out drainage ditches, sharpening tools, making minor equipment repairs, cleaning swimming pools, and painting crosswalks on streets.
“There’s a number of different areas they’ll be working in,” Warneford said. “For example, the floodwall and levee along the Licking River needs attention.”
General Maintenance Supervisor Troy McCain, one of those who will be overseeing the workers, said it’s a perfect job for new high school graduates or others who don’t yet have a lot of work experience or a long resume.
While applicants must be 18 and have a driver’s license, “more than any particular skill or expertise, they just need a strong work ethic and the ability to take direction and work with others,” McCain said. “Come join our team.”
Solid Waste & Recycling
This City division is seeking one or two people to help staff who oversee waste and recycling collection and enforce/implement nuisance codes.
“We’re looking for dependable, organized, hard-working, and personable individuals who enjoy working outdoors and improving the quality of life for those who live, work and play in neighborhoods and downtown,” said Sheila Fields, Covington’s Solid Waste and Recycling coordinator. “Basically, you need to have a passion for both the natural and community environments and love to see ‘waste put in its place.’ ”
This position requires daily interaction with citizens, business owners, City employees, and governmental agencies.  
Duties will include routine general maintenance (such as picking up litter, removing abandoned bulk debris, monitoring public trash cans), and staffing beautification events (like River Sweep). You need to be able to maneuver a large truck through narrow streets and be able to understand City regulations governing things like waste management and litter control.
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