Commission thanks Bowman for years of service

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COVINGTON, Ky. – It took an after-dark knock on the door from Police Chief Rob Nader, but the City of Covington found a way – despite COVID-19 – to formally say “good-bye” to City Commissioner Denny Bowman.
More than a “good-bye,” however, it was gratitude that the City wished to convey on this, the last meeting of the 2019-20 Board of Commissioners.
Over the course of a long public career that began in 1984, Bowman served 15 years as mayor (the second-longest-serving mayor in Covington history), three terms as commissioner, and was recreation director for eight years as well. He decided not to run again for office in the recent election.
Denny has “had a deep and abiding love for this City and the people who live here, and he’s done his absolute best to help make Covington a better place and a community that serves all of its citizens,” Covington Mayor Joe Meyer explained.
To thank Bowman for his service, the Commission read and passed a resolution of gratitude that was – as a surprise – walked on to the agenda of Tuesday night’s meeting at the last minute.
Since the meeting was held virtually because of the pandemic, Chief Nader delivered a plaque to Bowman’s house in Peaselburg mid-meeting while the resolution was read.
“As an elected official, Denny Bowman developed a reputation as the people’s advocate, becoming a strong and relentless voice for the vulnerable, families, and neighborhoods,” the resolution read in part.

As part of the presentation, the other three commissioners joined Mayor Meyer in voicing their own messages to their colleague.
Commissioner Tim Downing: “Thank you for the time that you served, Denny, and I really enjoyed working with you.”
Commissioner Shannon Smith: “This is obviously my first term, and I got an opportunity to serve with someone that served longer than almost anyone I believe … so it was really cool to learn the ropes (from you), and I appreciate everything that you taught me and best of luck and thanks for all you did.”
Commissioner Michelle Williams: “I’d like to say, Denny, I really glad to have the time to serve with you. It’s been a great ride, and I’m sorry that COVID is here because I really did want to give you a great big hug and say goodbye.”
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