City adopts County regs on ‘Community Cats’

COVINGTON, Ky. – Covington has brought its animal control ordinance more in line with regulations adopted by Kenton County for its Animal Services office.
After weeks of discussion, the Covington Board of Commissioners on Tuesday night approved changes that adopt the County’s “Community Cat Program” (through which stray cats are captured, spayed or neutered, and released) and sets out guidelines on feeding those cats.
“Some communities make it illegal to feed stray cats, but we didn’t want to do that,” Neighborhood Services Director Ken Smith said. “At the same time, we want to make sure that the feeding of those cats is done in a responsible way that doesn’t cause problems in the surrounding community.”  
The county rules adopted by the City, for example, require:
  • Food to be placed in a container, not thrown on the ground.
  • Uneaten food to be picked up after an hour.
  • Trash be removed.
  • Any “shelters” be insulated, blend in with surroundings, and kept free of standing water and moisture.
  • Rabies vaccinations and spay/neuter services be provided by the “caretaker” or Kenton County Animal Services to prevent reproduction. 
By contract, the Kenton County Animal Services office – seen HERE – enforces all rules related to animals in the City.