Covington Snow & Ice Team ‘ready’

Ever-changing forecast requires preparation, flexibility
COVINGTON, Ky. – City of Covington Public Works crews have spent the day preparing to handle whatever this evening’s weather storm brings to the city’s roads, whether it’s snow, ice, layers of the two, or nothing problematic at all.
“All the trucks are set up and ready to go, the salt dome is full, a five-person crew is scheduled to come in at 4 p.m. to handle problem spots, and the entire Snow & Ice Team (the 16 members of “Team A”) will be on call,” said Jason Roberts, Forestry/Devou Park supervisor. “We’re ready.”
Roberts, who is acting as the Department’s “snow commander” this week on the rotating schedule, said he and others have been carefully watching the ever-changing forecast and checking in with colleagues around the area.
“Right now, the pavement temperature is 41 degrees and the “Feel” is 38 degrees, so we’re not expecting any accumulation for a while,” he said this afternoon. “But we’re watching and waiting. The forecast has changed so many times.”
Roberts said spinners and augers have been installed on dump trucks and pickups – the equipment needed to spread salt on streets – and that equipment has been tested. Given the ongoing rain, trucks haven’t been filled with salt yet, however.
Roberts said crews will be ready to respond quickly to problem areas, which tend to be bridges and overpasses and hilly streets, especially in South Covington.
City Manager David Johnston said Covington is in good hands.
“You have to hand it to the drivers and leaders out at Public Works,” Johnston said. “They plan strategically and work hard to mitigate any problems the weather might cause.”

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