Vote counts & staying safe

COVINGTON, Ky. – Math. Tabulations.
If you’re like the rest of America, your primary source of entertainment right now is a 24/7 following of any news site giving a running account of The Count.
That’s the presidential election, of course, in which America turned out in record numbers to decide whether to replace Donald Trump with Joe Biden. (As of this moment, well over 141 million votes have been tallied, with that number rising by the moment …)
Amid that context, however, we’re supposed to be compiling a narrative weekend events calendar. The problem is that Kenton County, two-thirds of Kentucky counties, has been given “red zone” status – i.e. “danger” – because a count of a different sort: The rising cases of COVID-19, numbers that have been called “absolutely staggering” statewide.
So we’re going to turn all lecture-y for a moment: The virus is real. It’s contagious. And it can be deadly.
Avoid spreading it by staying home and staying away from others not in your family.
If you DO go out, follow 6-foot social distance rules, wear a face covering over your mouth and nose, avoid touching your mouth and nose, wash your hands often, and sanitize things.
As you can see, things were canceled this week:
Outdoor dining
Having said that, Covington’s unique small businesses – especially restaurants – need your support.
Order online or by phone. Covington has well over 50 restaurants offering carryout. If you DO eat at a restaurant, make reservations for outdoor dining areas.
The City worked with many establishments to set up tables and chairs on sidewalks, in alleys, and in streetside parking spots. It’s supposed to be warm all weekend (and even if it’s not, some businesses are using heaters).
Shop (volunteer) at the Market
It takes but a single visit to the Saturday morning open-air Covington Farmers Market to feel the cool vibe of the scene, so to speak.
Again this week, you can head to Third and Court between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. to pick up nutritious, locally grown and locally produced foods. We’re talking everything from eggs to vegetables to jam to steroid-free meat to honey and kimchi.
Safety protocols are paramount, for your information.
And if you REALLY want to be part of it all, join the market crew by volunteering. There are two separate shifts and a host of duties, including setting up the market perimeter and market booth, loading market supplies from storage, greeting customers and the like.
Whether you want to shop or volunteer, see HERE.
Oh, and StoneBrook Winery (from Camp Springs) wanted to make sure everyone knew that – in addition to its normal red and white, sweet and dry varieties – it’ll have these three flavors ready for purchase: Granny Annie’s Hard Apple Cider, Cranberry Wine, and Pumpkin Wine. Just $10 cash or $10.30 credit.
Want to learn how to make Chipas (Argentinian cheese buns) and Chimichurri Sauce?

Ms. Dagmar can teach you.

She’s the star of an online cooking series hosted by the Kenton County Public Library, which plans to premiere a video at 5 p.m. Friday HERE/HERE.
And then there’s … Scarlet Begonia’s Flower Truck on Saturday at Crafts & Vines, HERE … the Mainstrasse Village Food & Culture Tour on Saturday, HERE