Perplexing plastic

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(EDITOR'S NOTE: This is another in a series of recycling tips from the City of Covington's Neighborhood Services Department, Solid Waste & Recycling Division.)

COVINGTON, Ky. -- When it comes to recycling, the biggest source of “Can I or can’t I?” confusion comes from plastics.

 So let’s break it down:

 While we tend to think of plastic recycling by the numbers 1-7 stamped on the item, the recyclability of plastic is actually determined by SHAPE. In Covington’s recycling program, plastic bottles and jugs are the ONLY plastic shape accepted in your curbside cart or regular collection bins.

A simple reminder helps: If the opening is smaller than the base, it is recyclable. If the opening is larger or the same size as the base, it is NOT recyclable.

In other words, you can recycle items like milk jugs, water bottles, most laundry detergent jugs, soft drink bottles and shampoo bottles. But you cannot recycle items like yogurt tubs, butter tubs, or Tupperware. 

(The key is to find ways to reduce reliance on non-recyclable packaging, or alternative recycling outlets. And we can help with that. Stay tuned!)

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