The thrill of driving on fresh asphalt

$500K of repaving in 11 neighborhoods to begin soon
COVINGTON, Ky. - Get ready for the pungent smell of fresh asphalt.
The City of Covington’s annual repaving program will likely begin Aug. 17, weather permitting, with trucks, equipment, and crews heading to out to begin over half a million dollars of street work.
Under this year’s schedule, Bluegrass Paving of Florence will lay a smooth layer of asphalt on all or parts of 18 streets in 11 different neighborhoods, said Bill Matteoli, assistant project engineer in Covington’s Public Works Department.
The job is expected to take at least four to six weeks of work, although - again - that will depend on the weather.
The Covington Board of Commissioners awarded Bluegrass a contract for $505,713 this summer after a bid process. The funds come from state and federal sources.
Matteoli said the streets represent the worst of those in the sections of the City set aside for work this year on a rotating basis. Last year’s schedule addressed streets in Latonia and South Covington.
“We’re just trying to make the City’s streets look better, drive smoother, and last longer,” Matteoli said.
Matteoli said this year’s schedule will require more patience and cooperation than usual from both workers and residents. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many people to work from home or otherwise be home, there are more cars on the streets during the day.
The City has sent informational letters to people in affected neighborhoods, and signs warning of parking restrictions will be posted at least 24 hours (and likely 48 hours) in advance on streets to be repaved.
“With COVID-19, we understand that finding a place to park your car for a day or so might be a challenge on some streets,” he said. “But we can’t fix the street if there are cars on it, and the end result will definitely be worth any temporary inconvenience.”
The list of streets include locations in the Central Business District, Historic Licking-Riverside, Old Town/Mutter Gottes, MainStrasse Village, Kenton Hills, Botany Hills, Eastside, Lewisburg, Peaselburg, Westside, and Wallace Woods.
The streets:
  • East 6th Street, from Madison to Greenup.
  • East 8th Street, from Madison to Greenup.
  • West 6th Street, from Craig to Madison.
  • West 7th Street, from Craig to Main.
  • West 8th Street, from Philadelphia to Willard, and from Washington to Madison.
  • Devou Drive, from Rotary Lane to a point 1,865 feet from Western Avenue.
  • John Street, from Short John to its east end.
  • Montague Road, from Lewis to Devou Park.
  • Prisoners Lake Drive, from Montague to the end of the new road.
  • East 11th Street, from Scott to Greenup.
  • West 12th Street, from Dixie Highway to Bullock.
  • East 3rd Street, from Greenup to Garrard.
  • Edgecliff Road, from Monroe to its south end.
  • Hermes Street, from West 12th to Watkins.
  • Jefferson Avenue, from West 18th to Hawthorne.
  • Orchard Street, from Lee to Holman.
  • Philadelphia Street, from West 6th to West 3rd.
  • Sterrett Avenue, from Madison to Wallace.
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