Census ‘party’ Saturday at Randolph Park

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Fill out form, get BBQ, and talk to business experts 

COVINGTON, Ky. - The next stop in the Covington Census Committee’s tour?
Randolph Park.
On a mission to make sure every Covington resident is counted in the 2020 Census, the committee will hold a cookout Saturday starting at noon at the park in Covington’s Eastside neighborhood. The community is one where Census participation numbers are lagging, said Vice Mayor Michelle Williams, who is leading the City’s effort.
Tables will be staffed by volunteers ready to help residents fill out the confidential Census application online.
But the party will also include free barbecue, Census swag bags, and City officials available to explain programs that help people start small businesses.
Note that although the barbecue is “to go” and masks are required.
“It’s so critical that every single person who lives in Covington is counted,” Williams said. “One of the ironies of the Census is that many of the most challenging populations to count are also those who benefit most from accurate Census numbers.”
Some 13 percent of Covington’s budget comes from direct federal funding that’s allocated based on population counts. That money is spent on things like emergency home repairs, down payment assistance for first-time homebuyers, first-year rent help for small businesses, park renovation, road repair, and neighborhood-specific police patrols.
Among the sponsors and partners for the party are local 2020 Census officials, Bean Haus Coffee Shop & Bakery, the Housing Authority of Covington, and the Covington Human Rights Commission.
Another sponsor is the City’s Economic Development Department, which will have representatives on hand to talk with anyone interested in starting their own business or growing an existing small business.
“The best kind of businesses we can promote in Covington are those with roots in the community,” Economic Development Director Tom West said. “Businesses started by Covington residents and those that are hiring Covingtonians are a high priority for the City, and we have a wealth of resources available. We encourage anyone who has thought about starting their own company to fill out the Census, then stop by and talk with us about how to get started.”
About the Census
Forms can be filled out via paper, phone (1-844-330-2020), and online at 2020census.gov. Two options are presented: for people who have a geographic-specific access code and those who don't.
The form only takes a few minutes to fill out, and all answers are confidential.
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