Development code meetings Wednesday

COVINGTON, Ky. - Join your neighbors and City staff for events on Wednesday to see how your feedback at the beginning of the Neighborhood Development Code effort shaped the final draft.

Here's some stats:
  • 18 months of work (to date).
  • Roughly $250,000 invested.
  • Over 20 public presentations.
  • 14 steering committee members.
  • 8 consultant team members.
  • Countless, calls, emails, and hours.
  • More flexibility for new buildings, additions, fences, and decks (and more) that fit the character of your block.
  • Fewer public hearings for changes to your property - or "less delay from required public hearings."
  • Clearer permit processes to make your engagement with staff short and swift.
  • Over 50+ new uses/businesses permitted.
  • Reduced the number of districts/sets of regulations in half to make a more concise, easier-to-follow set of regulations.
That's just a slice of the energy and resources placed (thus far) into building a new set of land use and development regulations that will 1) make Covington's unique, pre-zoning neighborhoods legal, 2) implement building form regulations that automatically adapt to each block of Covington, 3) reduce the number of hoops for changes desired by homeowners, businesses, and developers (read as "fewer public hearings"), and 4) provide clear regulations and processes.
Visit the project website for more information:
The Neighborhood Development Code steering committee is eager to present the full draft of the code to the public for your feedback at one of two open-door sessions and a wrap-up presentation, all on Wednesday.
As a bonus, the City is giving away a $50 of meat (via a gift card to Kroger) as a door prize to one caller/participant at each of the public meetings.
To attend
Note that these meetings require people to register through Zoom. People will be required to provide their name and email address to keep a record of who actually attends. 

- 10 a.m. "Open Door" session:
Join by phone: +1 929 205 6099
Meeting ID: 847 3184 6748
2 p.m. "Open Door" session:
Join by phone: +1 929 205 6099
Meeting ID: 837 9053 4952
- 6 p.m. Wrap-up presentation:
Join by phone: +1 929 205 6099
Meeting ID: 880 8033 4498