Levassor Park honors its 'heroes'

Yard signs honor those ‘supporting all of us during this crazy time’
COVINGTON, Ky. - One of Covington’s smallest neighborhoods is adopting a personal touch to thank those living within its community on the “front lines” of the COVID-19 fight.
The “touch”?
Signs thanking its very own “Frontline Heroes.”
And the Levassor Park Neighborhood Association is putting them in the yards of not only health-care workers and First Responders who live in the neighborhood but also people who work in grocery stores, drive trucks, deliver mail and packages, or hold similar jobs.
“We wanted to recognize the fact that these folks are frontline workers who are keeping us all fed and the lights on and things like that,” said Dawna Schneider, a member of the association who is leading the effort.

She said the association was taking suggestions via Facebook, word of mouth, and other neighborhood sites. More than a dozen signs have already gone up and more will go up soon in the neighborhood, a tiny spot of fewer than 10 streets between the Licking River and Madison Avenue, just north of Meinken Field.
The association used a grant from The Center for Great Neighborhoods earmarked for “community building” to print the signs.
Schneider said she wanted to avoid the phrase “essential worker” because of its quasi-legal definition, but “these are definitely people whose work is essential.”

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