Keeping Covington beautiful

The Great American Cleanup annually attracts hundreds of volunteers. (Photo from Keep Covington Beautiful)


With Saturday’s Cleanup delayed, organizers create alternatives 

COVINGTON, Ky. - The “official” Great American Cleanup scheduled for Saturday is postponed this year ... but organizers are creating ways to honor the spirit of the day.
In “normal” years, the Cleanup would inspire hundreds of volunteers to spread out across Covington to pick up trash and yard debris, spread mulch, prune brushes, fix neighborhood signs and plant flowers - donating sweat and energy to spruce up their community green spaces.
Keep Covington Beautiful says volunteers can still:
  • Apply for a limited number of $250 grants to buy flowers and plants.
  • Participate in the Adopt-A-Spot program ... while practicing social distancing, of course.
“We can’t gather and celebrate the day the way we would normally do so, but we can still get out and immerse ourselves in the outdoors in a safe way, whether that’s by cleaning up trash, planting flowers, reading a book or taking a walk,” said Shannon Ratterman of Keep Covington Beautiful (KCB).
Ratterman, who is also a program manager at The Center for Great Neighborhoods (CGN), said KCB hoped to hold some version of the Great American Cleanup at a later date but said that it might feature a series of staggered events with smaller groups.
“We’re brainstorming for ways to lend support with tools and resources to our neighborhood groups,” she said.
Community grants
One way is through the $250 grants normally offered by KCB to fund community groups’ involvement in the Great American Cleanup. Since many groups use them to buy flowers, the organization is offering a limited number of grants now and saving the rest for later, Ratterman said.
You have until Tuesday, April 28, to apply HERE.
Under this program, groups ranging from families to neighborhoods “adopt” any spot they choose around the city, whether it’s a park, a block-long sidewalk, parking lot, trail, median or even a planter.
Then they commit to taking care of that spot, whether that means picking up litter, sweeping up debris, spreading mulch, planting flowers, keeping a drain clear or whatever.
The program is sponsored by KCB, the City of Covington, and CGN.
To register, click HERE. Once you register, you’ll receive an email with follow-up information, including a kit and access to tools, if necessary. To see the Adopt-A-Spot map, look HERE.
Groups who decide to work outdoors should also adopt safe work habits, such as staying 6 feet away from people you don’t live with, wearing gloves, using grabbers to pick up litter etc., organizers said.
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