COVID-19 can’t stop police training

Covington Police Department Lt. Matt Winship, standing, talks to Covington’s new recruits about ways to keep safe.

While awaiting academy, recruits attend ‘school’ in-house 

COVINGTON, Ky. - Covington’s Police Department has eight recruits awaiting the reopening of the state-run training academy, but rather than let them sit idle, the department has created its own ramped-up training.
Taught by certified training officers within CPD, the recruits are undergoing a wide array of daily classes in topics like firearm use, the writing of reports, the geography of Covington, crisis intervention, and application of Kentucky Revised Statutes.
“The academy is closed, so we’re making the best out of the situation by finding creative ways to get them additional training,” said Covington Police Lt. Matt Winship, whose responsibilities include training and administration. “We think this will not only give them a leg up once they attend the academy but also make them better officers in the long run.”
Last Friday, for example, the training included a program called “BELOW 100,” which refers to a national effort to reduce the number of line-of-duty deaths to fewer than 100 a year, a number not reached since 1943.
Winship taught the class, which focused on a wide variety of procedures and reminders, including the use of seat belts and protective vests, as well as slower driving speeds and situational awareness.
Since 2016, he’s taught the class to over 100 officers in an effort to prevent serious injuries and deaths.
Covington Police Chief Rob Nader said training is critical for officers, given that they’re called each day to act decisively on the spur of the moment in high-stress situations.
“With classes like this, we’re trying to not only give them the fundamental foundation for good and safe decisions but also hone their instincts so they fall back on their training during those crucial moments,” Nader said. “We look forward to the state academy being reopened, but in the meantime we’re doing what we can.”
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