Bingo, books & BCM

COVINGTON, Ky. - It’s a sign of a pretty cool town when - even during a pandemic when everything is pretty much shut down and we’re all being told to stay #HealthyatHome - that it’s possible to put together a half-way decent weekend narrative events calendar.
(That’s our story, as they say, and we’re not wavering from it ...)
Anyway, #LoveTheCov
B.I.N.G.O. = (a chance at) $25
Have you tipped your delivery person more than 20 percent? Donated to a local non-profit? Called an elderly neighbor to check in?
If you, you’re well on your way to filling out your “local Bingo” card and potentially winning a $25 gift card.
But hurry! The game ends at midnight tonight.
Renaissance Covington created the card to drum up support for local businesses and community. See HERE for details.
Museum tour, by toggle
Want to learn about Northern Kentucky’s history from the safety and comfort of your home?
Take a virtual tour of Behringer-Crawford Museum and all the exhibits there-in, including everything from Stewart Iron Works to a musk ox cranium to the Great Flood of ’37.
It’s free, HERE.
Speaking of BCM, don’t forget the “Curator Chat” series hosted by Jason French, the curator of collections.
You can check out short videos by poking around on the museum’s FB page, HERE, or you can go hang out on YouTube and watch pieces on the Garden of Hope (particularly appropriate this weekend), HERE ... the Civil War-era Battery Bates, HERE ... and Prisoners Lake, HERE.
The Great (virtual) Bridal Chase
It’s the Great Bridal Chase - a 5K themed event revolving around, obviously, weddings.
Usually, it kicks off at Pike & Madison, and you can opt to run “tethered” to your mate, for example.
But this year it’s a virtual event. You run independently (Sunday, if possible), then share your information with #GreatBridalChase on Instagram or Facebook to win swag at a later time.
So ... now you have added incentive to get outside on your run. (You are running every day during this time of social shutdown, aren’t you?)
Info (click “tickets”), HERE.
Farmers Market tuneage
The Covington Farmers Market has sold out of this weekend’s pre-ordered “bundles” ... but you can tune in to the Market’s FB page HERE from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday for a livestreamed concert by Moonshine & Win.
Holistic health
Or, here are other ways to stay healthy, holistically speaking: Hatha yoga, body breath synchronization, vinyasa and yin, Kundalini yoga ...
Don’t know what we’re talking about?
Sign up for virtual classes at Warrior Spirit Wellness, HERE. (Hint, it’s a Latonia business, and you need to find the “Schedule” page.
Or you can do the same at Sage Yoga (it’s on Pike Street), HERE. (Again, look for the “Schedule” page.)
Think outside the box.
Books to your door
If you need reading material (man the back of those cereal boxes ain’t what they used to be), Covington’s only indie bookstore will deliver right to your porch.
If you live in Covington, you can order a book from Roebling Point Books & Coffee (seen HERE) by calling the shop at (859) 815-7204 to set up a delivery time and payment.
If the title is on RoPoBoCo’s barn wood shelves, owner Richard Hunt said he can deliver right away to your porch. If it’s not, he will order it ... and then deliver it.
Eat well, protect a job
And here’s our weekly advertisement for the awesome food of Covington’s fabulous restaurants.
Many are either delivering or offering carryout, and thanks to Gov. Andy Beshear, you can get wine, beer and other spirits delivered as well.
So spoil yourself and help protect our local businesses and those who work there.
Here’s the latest list of participating restaurants: HERE.
Worship from home
Obviously we’re a civil institution that by law can’t advocate for any particular religion, or even religion at all. But we also know that this is a daunting time, not just physically but also mentally, socially, psychologically and spiritually - and the health of our residents is on the line.
We also know that Covington is a community where - to crib a quote from Darth Vader - “the faith is strong with this one.”
So lest people be tempted to attend services at their churches on Sunday and risk spreading the highly contagious COVID-19 illness, we’re going to dip our toes into the font of the religious realm and use this opportunity to say “Don’t go! Stay at home!”
Instead, attend virtual service, and we know many Covington churches have gone live.
We can’t include them all, but we’ve seen advertisements, for example, for Trinity Episcopal, HERE ... Madison Avenue Christian Church, HERE ... Madison Avenue Baptist, HERE ... Mother of God, HERE ... First Christian Church, HERE ... and Holy Cross, HERE.
We’re sure there are others. But please listen: Worship from home.
Feeling creative
And online arts and crafts (and other attractions):
There’s the creativebug series at the Kenton County Public Library, HERE ... photo classes from i.imagine, HERE ... all kinds of tutoring and participation from Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center, HERE ... and others we’ve been looking for.
And then there’s .... well ... stay safe, stay healthy. That’s all.