4th St. bridge reopens with restrictions

The reopened Fourth Street bridge, as seen from the Newport approach with the lane restrictions in place and the new weight limit sign (Photo provided by KYTC). 

Lanes reduced, lower weight limit in place until repair is made 

COVINGTON, Ky. - The Licking River bridge that carries almost 14,000 vehicles a day between Covington and Newport at Fourth Street is back open ... but with fewer lanes and a sharply reduced weight limit.
The bridge was closed to all vehicular traffic Tuesday after an annual state inspection discovered corrosion in a load-carrying iron beam. Today, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet reopened the bridge - officially called the World War Veterans Memorial Bridge - but reduced it to two lanes and lowered the weight limit from 17 tons to 3 tons. 
“We are glad we were able to get this bridge quickly reopened for motorists who use this major connection,” said Bob Yeager, chief district engineer for KYTC District 6.  “However, trucks and buses are prohibited until emergency repairs can be made.”
KYTC officials are working toward a repair plan, they said.  Until then, the two-lane configuration will remain in place. Pedestrian walkways are open.
Covington City Manager David Johnston thanked state Transportation officials for allowing the bridge to reopen with restrictions and said he hoped the repair plan happens quickly.
“This is a critical connection for the river cities used by workers, visitors, and delivery vehicles,” Johnston said.
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