Masks by Fabulous Furs

Elvira, a member of Fabulous Furs’ sewing team, makes a protective mask. (Photo provided by Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Furs)

Company shifts production, donates 500 to First Responders 

COVINGTON, Ky. - Covington’s First Responders have benefited from a massive switch in production at Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Furs.
As a retailer of choice for movie stars, models, and rock icons, it’s not unusual for the renowned Covington company’s chic creations to be featured in publications like Cosmopolitan, O: The Oprah Magazine, Marie Claire, and allure.

But amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the artists at the business’s sewing facility have shifted from faux fur coats and jackets to something smaller and in some ways more valuable - protective masks that undoubtedly will save lives.
This week, Fabulous Furs donated 500 masks to the City of Covington to be used by its police and firefighters as an added layer of protection in helping to limit the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.
“We very much appreciate the company’s generosity and their employees’ hard work to give us what essentially is another tool in our arsenal as we fight this fight,” Police Chief Rob Nader said. “We’ve passed out two per officer to use as needed so we don’t deplete our hard-to-come-by N95 masks as quickly.”

Esmeralda, who works in quality control at Fabulous Furs, examines the colorful masks made by the Covington company. (Photo provided by Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Furs)

Guy van Rooyen, chief executive officer of Salyers Group, said earlier this month that the company had switched gears to help out health-care workers and First Responders.
The masks are made of cotton materials from a medically approved template and can have a filter inserted. 

“The Salyers family has deep roots in the City of Covington, both personally and professionally, and we have always appreciated the efforts of the First Responders who diligently serve our city,” van Rooyen said.
“This is why we will do whatever we can to support the brave men and women of the Covington Police and Fire Departments as they work to keep our community safe during these unprecedented times. We are thrilled to be able to help in our own small way,” he said.

Santana, who works in the warehouse at Fabulous Furs, hands Covington Police Sgt. Jennifer Rudolph boxes of donated masks. (Photo provided by Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Furs)

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