All-call for 'thank you' messages

Send in video snippet conveying gratitude to Covington 1st Responders
COVINGTON, Ky. - From truckers to nurses, and grocery store cashiers to teachers, there are many people who are working hard to help all of us get through the coronavirus pandemic.
Here at the City of Covington, we want to call particular attention to our police officers and firefighters, two groups of employees who are literally on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, not always able to stay 6 feet away from those with symptoms of the virus but instead taking a deliberately hands-on approach to keep residents safe and healthy.
We can’t alleviate any anxiety they might feel, but we can convey our gratitude. So the City’s Human Resources Department is putting together a video containing messages from residents and others saying “thanks.”
“We know they have a difficult job, as do many others in the health-care industry, and we just want to send some words of encouragement,” said Stacey Hoeter, the City’s Human Resources Manager.
She encouraged the public to film snippets of video by end of the day Friday filming themselves saying “thank you” to Covington police officers and firefighters, and sending them to her at
The City will share the longer product via its social media and website.
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