Andy & virtual fun

COVINGTON, Ky. - Call this the #Weekend in LoveTheCov, COVID-19 Edition.
It’s going to warm up this weekend, if not be sunny, and ordinarily we’d be shouting for joy and bragging about what a cool place LovetheCov is to hang with friends.
These aren’t ordinary times, obviously. Y’all know why.
It’s been three weeks since our last lively “#Weekend in LoveTheCov” piece, and we miss our readers. So in light of the dark times around us, we’re touting some fun things to do in a slightly different way, as well as give safety reminders (the medicine to go with that spoonful of sugar).
But first, a note of caution. Social distancing, hand-washing ... that’s not just to protect you. It’s to protect Grandma and those around you with heart disease, diabetes etc. For them, the threat of serious suffering (and even death) is real.
(And this is by no means an exhaustive list - just what we could come up with in a few minutes’ time.)

Afternoons with Andy
Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear gives a press conference at 5 p.m. every day, and reportedly the number of people tuning in rivals and sometimes tops those watching the President.
A Facebook page has popped up with memes about the brand-new Governor and his messages, and they’re pretty fun. There are also Bingo cards and drinking games tied to when he says certain phrases.
So prop your feet up, and get educated and reassured at the same time.
Catch the press conference livestreamed at Governor Andy Beshear or his YouTube channel HERE or on KET (television).

Eat well, protect a job
You can’t enjoy the awesome atmosphere of Covington’s fabulous restaurants these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their food.
Many are either delivering or offering carryout (or is it “takeout”?), and thanks to Gov. Beshear’s executive order, you can get a bottle of wine or some beer delivered as well.
So spoil yourself and help protect a few jobs as well.
The list of participating restaurants tends to ebb and flow, but if you poke around on Renaissance Covington’s FB page HERE or that of the Covington Business Council HERE you’ll find recent lists.
Or, you can just call your favorite eatery and ask.
Arts & crafts
Feeling crafty? Like to paint? Are you creative?
Classes are canceled, so Baker-Hunt Art & Cultural Center has been posting live videos on Instagram and Facebook, @BakerHuntArt, with all sorts of arts and crafts ideas. Some are for kids, others not.
They have also posted some of these on YouTube, HERE.
Virtual yoga
We all could use some inner peace and calm these days. And it wouldn’t hurt to use those muscles.
Sage Yoga Co. is doing virtual yoga (aka “safe yoga”) with many classes each day. Look HERE for the schedule.
For people like us (who’d be embarrassed to try yoga in public), this seems like a GREAT idea.
Chalk Up the Cov
You don’t need fancy sidewalk chalk to “Chalk Up the Cov” on Sunday.
Just search the pockets of your kids’ school jumpers, or grab an old piece of drywall.
Renaissance Covington is touting this event as a way to fancy up the sidewalks in a colorful way (albeit temporary) and bring a little unity to the city. Oh, and yell greetings to your neighbors (from a socially safe distance of course).
Info, HERE.
Covington Farmers Market went to a pre-order/pickup-only model this week, and as of this afternoon, the window to order has closed, so to speak, for this week. (Either that, or they’ve sold out all the “bundles.”)
But, organizers tell us it’s likely to open back up on Monday HERE, so stay tuned for your chance to order fresh produce and all kinds of food goodies next week.
In the meantime, go to the market’s Facebook page -- HERE - from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday to hear a livestreamed concert.
Getting out, safely
We’re torn here about this next item.
We know there’s a whole lotta cabin fever going around, and more cowbell isn’t the answer.
With Devou Park, the beginnings of Riverfront Commons, and the Licking River Greenway & Trail, Covington has some great places to hike and bike, and some fabulous greenspaces in which to toss Frisbee or fly a kite.
We want to encourage people to get out and enjoy the warm weather, but ...
See, at the Governor’s recommendation, cities like Covington were forced to fence off playground equipment, take down basketball rims and close off other activities because the playgrounds, courts and fields were absolutely overwhelmed with kids and others, none of whom were practicing what health experts call “social distancing.” That means staying 6 feet away from each other so the highly contagious COVID-19 doesn’t spread.
So, go ahead and get outside - but stay the heck away from each other. Or we’ll have to shut those down too.
Talking to the 138
Sure, Gov. Beshear is on every day at 5 p.m. But what about our legislators?
What are they doing to help out?
The citizens advocacy group Kentuckians for the Commonwealth has invited every legislator representing Kenton, Boone, and Campbell counties to talk to constituents from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, and you can join the conversation online or by phone.
Information, and log-in info: HERE.