Much of City Hall operating ‘from home’

City Hall resembled a ghost town today as most employees were told to work from home for the time being because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But public safety employees still on the job, Covington says


COVINGTON, Ky. - Covington City Hall at 20 West Pike St. resembled a “ghost town” today as the City ordered all “non-essential” employees to work from home - but any resulting delays in service would not affect public safety responses, leaders said.

“We want to assure our residents and businesses that our police officers, firefighters, and EMTs remain on the job, protecting the safety of this city,” Covington Mayor Joe Meyer said. “When you call, they will respond.”
The “work from home” policy was put in place to protect staff from the spread of the highly contagious strain of coronavirus that causes the potentially fatal disease COVID-19. As a way to slow down the pandemic, both the private and public sectors have sought to reduce face-to-face contact in response to recommendations and mandates from Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear.
Most of those employees sent home from City Hall today were so-called “office” workers in areas like economic development, human resources, finance, and solid waste and recycling, City Manager David Johnston said.
Most were able to forward office phones to cell phones and use laptops (and in some cases bringing home their desktops) to do work, he said.
“However, we ask residents to be patient as no doubt much of the business of City Hall will be slower than normal,” he said.
The City previously closed the building to the public and canceled almost all meetings of City-appointed boards, committees, and task forces.
Again, however, Johnston emphasized that public safety response would not be affected. The City was making every effort to put into place policies and protective equipment to keep its First Responders safe and healthy, he said.
Similarly, the Public Works Department continues to maintain parks and streets, although it switched to “A” and “B” shifts to limit the contact among workers.


The City of Covington has set up a webpage outlining City announcements and actions related to COVID-19, HERE. 
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