City Commission meetings closed to public

But citizens can watch live, submit comments ahead of time

COVINGTON, Ky. - To help limit the spread of the acute respiratory virus COVID-19, the public will not be able to physically attend weekly meetings of the Covington Board of Commissioners starting Tuesday.
However, residents will still be able to watch live from home and submit comments ahead of time.
A day after declaring a formal State of Emergency related to the pandemic, Mayor Joe Meyer used his emergency powers to sign an executive order announcing the new rules.
"The business of running the city needs to continue, but we need to abide by directives from the governor and others on how to do it safely by practicing social distancing," the Mayor said.
Under the order:
  • Caucus and Legislative meetings shall continue to be held as scheduled at 6 p.m. Tuesdays.
  • The meetings are closed to the public, but news media representatives may attend.
  • Meetings will be broadcast live through the TBNK's cable and streaming outlets and available at:
  • If there is an interruption in the video or audio of any meeting conducted under this Order, the meeting shall be suspended during that interruption.
  • Public comments will still be accepted for legislative meetings. People should submit their comments by email to City Clerk Maggie Nyhan at no later than noon on Tuesday for presentation at that evening's legislative meeting.
  • The commission chambers (or other location) shall be configured to allow for the recommended 6 feet of social distancing.
  • All members of the Board of Commissioners will have the option to attend the meeting via video teleconference.
  • Only City staff deemed essential to the meeting may attend.
  • The meeting agenda and backup materials will be continue to be available to the public on the usual schedule in accordance with Commissioners' Order ORD-12-19.
  • A meeting agenda may continue to include presentations or testimony from individuals or by groups outside of City government by advance arrangement with the commission, as has been the practice, subject to further public health and government directives.

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