Bus routes go to ‘Sunday schedule’ every day

TANK announces changes in effect Monday
COVINGTON, Ky. - Starting Monday, TANK buses in Covington will move to their existing Sunday schedules every day of the week, fares are free, many express routes will cease to run altogether, and riders must enter by the rear door only under new changes implemented in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky, which operates the buses throughout the region, announced those and other changes today.
See HERE for TANK’s complete release.
Regarding the express routes, TANK said that since the 1X, 17X, 18X, 22X, 25X, 28X, 30X, 32X, 35X and 42X do not have Sunday service, they will not run until further notice.
TANK’s release also asked that passengers “limit non-essential travel on TANK buses to allow for safe travel for those performing essential services in the community.”
The City is calling attention to TANK’s changes to make sure its residents see them.
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