New Covington officer has 26 years’ service

Covington Mayor Joe Meyer, left, and Police Chief Rob Nader stand with new officer Alex Turner just after he was sworn in.


COVINGTON, Ky. - Covington’s newest police officer has served in law enforcement for over 26 years and is a military veteran as well. 

Alex Turner - most recently an officer with the Campbell County Police Department - was sworn in Monday by Mayor Joe Meyer during a short ceremony in the Covington City Commission chambers. His hiring was approved by the Covington Board of Commissioners on March 10.
Turner will not need to attend the state training academy and will be out patrolling Covington’s streets after some short, in-house training, Police Chief Rob Nader said.
“We’re thrilled to hire yet another experienced officer, especially one who is a military veteran,” Nader said. “It’s a sign that officers want to work in Covington, and it’s further evidence that - even with increasing concerns about public health - the work of the police department continues and will continue.”
Turner served for 4 and a half years in Campbell County, where he was also the department chaplain. Previously, he worked in law enforcement for an array of agencies, including the Federal Reserve Bank, Xavier University, Northern Kentucky University, and Cleveland Police Department, where he was a patrol officer for almost 18 years.
He was a member of the Ohio Army National Guard from 1986 until 2001, ending with a rank of first lieutenant.

Mayor Joe Meyer administers the Kentucky Constitution’s oath of office to newly hired officer Alex Turner, including the mandated part about never having “fought a duel with deadly weapons.”

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