5-horned rhinos, influencers & ‘Her’

COVINGTON, Ky. - Sunday is International Women’s Day, and - if you can’t make it to Crafts & Vines TONIGHT for its Women Winemakers Tasting HERE - you can go to Devou Park on Saturday for a cool lineup of events at BCM.
Otherwise this weekend, #LoveTheCov features 5-horned rhino beetles, slamming bodies, peaceful meditation, a new local beer, a digital-inspired comedian, lots of live music at local bars, an urban fashion show and more.
w/ Citra, Galaxy & Mosaic hops
Braxton Brewing has a new member of the family: Hop Fit Low-Cal IPA.
Naturally, the brewery is holding a launch party on Saturday, complete with a free 45-minute Pound Fitness Class (because Hop Fit has only 100 calories and 5g carbs) on Saturday morning and a DJ on Saturday night.
Info, HERE.
‘Influential influencer’
Whether you consider him an actor, comedian, digital genius, or “influential influencer,” Desi Banks has a following. A big following.
Saturday, Banks will be at Madison Theater, talking about all the things that brought him to fame from the lands of Vine (remember that?), Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.
Also appearing: Bigg Booman and Bigg Stan.
Tickets, HERE.
Holistic health
We don’t usually do “open houses,” but we do want to call attention to the event at Warrior Spirit Wellness on Saturday for two reasons:
One, it’s WSW’s two-year yoga anniversary. And two, Covington seems to be quietly establishing itself as home to a lot of places that offer not only physical fitness but also spiritual and mental healing - i.e holistic health.
Anyway, meet the team, join in yoga, get a massage and maybe win a prize.
Info, HERE
Eupatorus gracilicornis
We’ve previously advertised Hail Dark Aesthetic’s workshops on preserving and mounting black scorpions and butterflies.
Now there’s this: 5-horned rhinoceros beetles. (You know, the ones that look like mix between a dinosaur and a WWII tank).
During the two-hour workshop Sunday night, you can do a “flat mount” or a flying one and create a one-of-a-kind conversation piece. (Picture it on your desk at work, for example.)
But seats are limited, so make sure you register. Tickets: HERE,
The Power of Her
“The Power of Her” ArtsWave Day at Behringer-Crawford Museum on Saturday will feature four opportunities:
  • Concerts by the predominantly female musical groups Clark & Jones Trio and Raison D’Etre.
  • A playwriting event led by the American Legacy Theatre in which you help write the script for an original play. First you get a “crash course” in writing plays, then you look to inspiration from women-created or women-related artwork and historic artifacts from BCM’s collections.
  • Craft workshops led by instructors from The Carnegie.
  • Free admission to “The Art of the Bead” and other exhibits. 
Info, HERE.
Who will be the ‘mystery guest referee’?
If the 2020 presidential primary isn’t rough and tumble enough for you, come watch some flying elbows, suplexes, and powerslams.
It’s the Northern Wrestling Federation in action at Hits Indoor Baseball and Sportsplex on Saturday, featuring The Hollywood Blondes, “Outlaw” Matt Stephens, “Mad Dog” David Tyler, Big Cuz and Pompano Joe.
And get this - the championship bout will feature a “special mystery guest referee!!”
Info, HERE.
And then there’s ... the “Spring Down the Runway” urban fashion show Sunday at the Radisson Hotel, Cincinnati Riverfront, HERE ... Holtman’s Donut Bar on Friday morning at Braxton Brewing, HERE ... Covington Farmers Market on Saturday morning at Braxton Brewing, HERE ... the Annual Rummage Sale on Saturday morning at Trinity Episcopal Church, HERE ... Trivia Night on Saturday at Covington Latin School, HERE ... and WSET Level 1 Award in Wines (wine class) on Sunday at Ripple Wine Bar, HERE.