Return of 40+ years' experience

Covington Police Chief Rob Nader hands Corey Warner his badge as Jim Donaldson looks on.

Covington Police Dept. signs retired officers to one-year contracts 

COVINGTON, Ky. - Two veteran Covington police officers who retired last year are back on the job, at least for the next year.
Former detective Corey Warner and Jim Donaldson - with 20 and 23 years’ experience, respectively - were sworn in today by Mayor Joe Meyer during a brief ceremony. Their one-year contracts were approved by the Board of Commissioners last Tuesday.
“Welcome back ... you know what to do,” a smiling Police Chief Rob Nader told the officers, handing them new badges.
Why the joy?
“It’s not often that we get to hire more than 40 years’ experience,” Assistant Chief Brian Valenti said.

Covington Mayor Joe Meyer administers the Kentucky Constitution’s oath of office to newly (re-)hired Police Officers Jim Donaldson and Corey Warner, including the mandated part about never having “fought a duel with deadly weapons.”

Both Donaldson and Warner have long resumes with Covington.
Donaldson served over 14 years in a supervisory position in the Patrol, Criminal Investigations and Administration bureaus and 13 years with the SWAT Team. Warner was a detective for over nine years and spent over 10 years in the Patrol Bureau, including as a field training officer.
They both retired in December but came back under a state-approved program designed to lure veteran officers out of retirement to help police departments maintain high levels of professionalism and experience.
During the swearing-in ceremony, both Meyer and Nader skipped the usual “speeches” they give new recruits and lateral hires new to Covington.
“All I want to know is when do they go back on the street?” Meyer asked.
This week, Nader answered, but explained that Warner and Donaldson both “have to start all over again” in the Patrol Bureau.
“I was pleasantly surprised when they reapplied,” the Chief said. “I knew it was an immediate ‘win’ for Covington and the community. We know Officers Donaldson and Warner are hard workers because they wanted to come back here, where we get a lot of calls and activity, instead of going to another agency where the workload is significantly less.”

Police Chief Rob Nader and Mayor Joe Meyer are flanked by Officers Corey Warner, left, and Jim Donaldson, right.