‘Covington Leads’ seeks applicants

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One project that came out of last year’s Covington Leads program was a wood-working workshop for youth.

Deadline for 13-week leadership program next Tuesday 

COVINGTON, Ky. - A program whose goal is to identify, train, nurture, and energize a new set of civic leaders in Covington is taking applications through next Tuesday for a new 13-week session, its second.
Last year, five people completed the “Covington Leads” program, which pays participants for their time, helps fund their self-adopted projects, and guides them through the implementation of those projects, said Shannon Ratterman, program manager for community development at The Center for Great Neighborhoods (CGN), which is sponsoring the initiative.
“Last year, we had a great class with five graduates,” Ratterman said. “They learned skills in community leadership that helped them complete their projects - but more importantly they also all moved on to undertake leadership and volunteer opportunities elsewhere in the community after the program ended.”
People don’t have to have an idea for a project, program, or event up front but can settle on one later. Last year, for example: 
  • Bennet, a graduate who lives in the Eastside neighborhood, created a one-day class for 10 youth that taught them the basics of banking and managing money, helped them create a bank account, and left them with $25 to start their savings. 
  • Tracy, a graduate from the Peaselburg neighborhood, hosted an all-day workshop that gave youth tools, taught them how to use the tools, and helped them start building a wooden stool.
The short application for this year’s program can be found HERE.
Classes will meet 9 a.m.-noon on Saturday mornings from March 14 to June 6.
Participants can earn up to $500 in “salary” and receive an additional $500 to implement their projects.

A second project was a money-management class, also for youth.

“No specific experience is necessary,” Ratterman said. “We want people who are enthusiastic, have an interest in their community, and want to learn leadership skills. This program will give them the knowledge and confidence to step up.”
Specifically, participants will learn how to develop and refine an idea, create a budget, market an event, manage volunteers, and perform other project management skills.
Questions? Contact Jameela Salaah from CGN at (859) 866-7522 or via email at jameela@greatneighborhoods.org
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