Covington's rare honor

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Covington Mayor Joe Meyer and his wife, Dale, are escorted to their seats during the ceremonial Grand March in the Capitol Rotunda on Tuesday. (Photo courtesy of KET)

Mayor Meyer part of inauguration at new Gov. Beshear's request

COVINGTON, Ky. -- As an honorary co-chair of new Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s inauguration, Covington Mayor Joe Meyer had a front-row seat Tuesday to the day-long installation of the new governor - a rare honor for a Covington official.
Covington’s mayor participated in an array of events, including the inaugural parade, the Grand March and subsequent dance, and receptions. Along with former Kentucky governors and City officials from Lexington and Louisville, Meyer also watched the parade with Gov. Beshear from the viewing stand and listened from a nearby seat as the governor gave his inaugural address. At midnight the night before, Meyer witnessed Gov. Beshear taking the official oath of office during a private ceremony at the Governor’s Mansion.
Meyer said he took the opportunity amid the festive events to discuss Covington and municipal issues with leaders from other cities throughout the state, legislators, and administration officials.
“I’m honored by Gov. Beshear’s invitation to be a part of this historic day,” Meyer said, “and I not only reconnected with old friends but also met new ones. Those relationships will benefit Covington.”


(EDITOR'S NOTE: This image is a screenshot from Kentucky Educational Television’s coverage of the Grand March and is used with KET’s permission. The full Grand March video can be found HERE. KET’s full coverage can be found HERE.)