Turkey twisting & Tannenbaum

(EDITOR’S NOTE: “#Weekend in LoveTheCov” is being published on Wednesday this week because we don’t feel like working tomorrow. Next week, this regular feature returns to its regularly published regular time slot.)
COVINGTON, Ky. - We can read your mind, right this second:  
  • You're thinking, “oh no, annoying relatives are coming to town, how in the world are we going to entertain them?” 
  • Either that, or “Christmas is coming, I hate shopping, and I wish there was an easy way to find unique things for those hard-to-please people on my list.” 
  • Or maybe “I'm so bored - no WAY am I watching another Hallmark Thanksgiving special.” 
Here in #LoveTheCov we have the perfect answers to all three scenarios on this, the weekend where Thanksgiving and Christmas war every year for our attention.
Check this out (and the events start tonight):
Hurry on down
It’s rare that we put out this narrative events calendar on Wednesday, so we’re taking advantage to advertise two activities TONIGHT: 
  • One, there’s VIVE’s Night Before Bash at Braxton Brewing Co., complete with hard seltzer cocktails, a DJ-led dance party, and giveaways, HERE
  • And two, there’s Thanksgiving Eve Trivia with MadTree at The Gruff, HERE
Hurry (but don’t get a ticket).
Shop small, win big
Shopaholics love the day after Thanksgiving. But Small Business Saturday is even better.
Here in Covington, you can go to a number of commercial districts - downtown, Latonia, and MainStrasse Village for example - and treat yourself to the unique and authentic goods and services available at the city’s many small businesses, in many cases stuff you just can’t find anywhere else.
As a special event on Saturday, you can access coupons, promotional items and enter a raffle, using your Covington receipts to earn “free” tickets, as well as get free gift-wrapping. Oh, and the Covington Farmers Market is at Braxton as well.
Info, HERE and HERE.
O Tannenbaum
We have good intentions every year. But every year the Christmas tree goes up at the last possible minute.
If the same thing happens in your household, don’t despair: You can enjoy the colorful glory of those more organized than you, what with two Christmas tree lightings in Covington this weekend: 
  • One, the annual Ritte’s Corner tree lighting in Latonia happens Saturday evening (behind the Korean War Memorial), with caroling and Santa too, HERE
  • And two, at Redden Gardens, a community garden on Scott Boulevard, will jazz up its resting planting space with a lighting (and hot chocolate) on Sunday evening, HERE
How lovely are thou branches indeed. Or, if you prefer, “fah-who foris, dah-who doris.”
(Just as a trivial aside, btw, our good friend “wiki” - quoting TIME magazine - says that “tannenbaum” in the “Oh Christmas Tree” song lyrics doesn’t refer to the Christmas tree itself but to the fir tree’s quality “as a symbol of constancy and faithfulness.” Things that make you go hmmm....)
Twist away the turkey (and dressing)
Did you eat too much? Are the pants suddenly tight?
Working off those pecan pie and sweet potato calories can be fun: Come to Sage Yoga on Friday for “Twist Away the Turkey” - what the studio calls a “fun, upbeat and sweaty turkey twist happy hour.”
More info, HERE.
Story time for the little ones
Kids are getting excited about Christmas. So take them to Holiday Storytime on Sunday at the Behringer-Crawford Museum in Covington’s Devou Park.
Local librarians will read The Polar Express and The Holiday Adventures of Wiley Wahoo & Me along withother attractions: craft making, hot chocolate, cookies, and a visit from Santa!
Reserve your spot, HERE.
Winterfair marketplace
Pottery, jewelry, glass, fine art, wearables - with over 200 artists and marketplace artisans, we are sure that you will find something you love all weekend at the 2019 Winterfair.
The marketplace will take place Friday through Sunday at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, HERE.
And then there’s ... Making Beaded Earrings class at Sage Yoga this Saturday, HERE ... The Resin GEODE workshop (think resin, acrylic, crushed glass and inks) Saturday at Chroma Vino, HERE ... the “Brother’s Keeper” charcoal sketch artist event to benefit Ugandan children, HERE, “wire wrapping” class, HERE, and Ukrainian Egg Decorating class, HERE, all on Saturday at Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop.