New look for Sixth Street

Streetscape project an investment in economic development

COVINGTON, Ky. -- Workers with Adleta Inc. construction are making progress on the $1.37 million Sixth Street and Scott Boulevard Restoration Project.
Here, workers dig up the sidewalk and bury the utilities on the north side of Sixth, in-between Madison Avenue and Scott Boulevard.

Work on the long-discussed, federally funded streetscape project got under way this fall. Besides rebuilt sidewalks and underground utilities, improvements will include ADA ramps, decorative lamp posts, decorative brick pavement, streetscape trees, and new trash cans.

The work will complement similar projects that changed the streetscape on Scott Street to the north and on Madison north of Eighth Street.
It's part of Covington's ongoing effort to attract private economic investment by improving the "look" and "feel" of downtown.

One Covington official described the mission this way at the onset of construction:
"When people seeking to buy a new home visit an area, their decision is influenced to a great degree by so-called 'curb appeal' and how the neighborhood 'feels' - i.e. whether the sidewalks and curbs are maintained, whether the area 'feels' safe, whether nearby homes show pride in their appearance, and whether the street seems like a good place to walk. Business executives and workers are influenced by the same factors when they evaluate downtowns, so Covington needs to do all it can to make its downtown streets and sidewalks inviting and walkable."