Free drop-off for household hazardous waste

About 3,000 vehicles are expected at the household hazardous waste drop-off event Saturday in Florence.

Fill out, bring registration form to make long lines go quickly

COVINGTON, Ky. - Think of it as the average home’s version of fuel rods from a nuclear reactor: dangerous waste that’s difficult to get rid of in a safe and eco-friendly manner.
Things like empty aerosol cans, used antifreeze, dead batteries, left-over pesticides, oil-based paint, and flammable liquids.
On Saturday, Nov. 2, the challenge is solved.
Covington residents can drop off a range of household hazardous waste at a free, five-hour regional event in Florence. 
“People ask all the time what they can do to save the Earth,” said Sheila Fields, Covington’s Solid Waste and Recycling Coordinator. “This is the event they’ve been waiting for. These are the materials that turn our waterways and dirt into dead zones when they’re disposed of improperly.”
The event is a massive undertaking that has attracted nearly 3,000 vehicles the last few years. Because volunteers unload cars, lines go quickly, but drivers should leave time to get through the lines.
To speed the process, drivers need to print, fill out and bring with them a short and simple registration form that’s available HERE.
The event will be held 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at UC Health Stadium (aka the home of the Florence Freedom baseball team), at 7950 Freedom Way in Florence.
It’s organized by the Northern Kentucky Household Hazardous Waste Action Coalition, made up of regional solid waste, sewer, health and cooperative extension agencies.
Items that can be dropped off:
  • Aerosol cans.
  • Antifreeze.
  • Batteries (all types).
  • Corrosives/flammables (fuel, kerosene, etc.).
  • E-scraps (computers, monitors, keyboards, printers, cell phones, etc.).
  • Ink cartridges/toner.
  • Light bulbs (including 4-foot and 8-foot tubes and CFL bulbs).
  • Oil (motor oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, and brake fluid).
  • Paint (10-can limit).
  • Paper (documents to be shredded).
  • Pesticides (2 gallon/2 lbs. limit).
  • Propane tanks (20 lbs. only).
  • Televisions (limit of 2 per vehicle). 
Items that WON’T be accepted include appliances, fertilizer, devices that contain mercury, medications, explosives, and tires. (Visit HERE for proper disposal methods of these items.) 
Last year’s event collected 5.6 tons of automobile batteries, over 60 tons of paint, 186 skids of television sets, over 1,000 gallons of oil, and over 500 fire extinguishers.

For more information about the event, see HERE.
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