C-Forward mural celebrates family reading

The Read Ready Covington mural will be seen by every driver on busy Fifth Street.

New art brings attention to Read Ready Covington literacy effort 

COVINGTON, Ky. - Visible, fun, and interactive signs of Covington’s commitment to early childhood literacy and education are popping up around the city.
From murals to alphabet signs spread out like a scavenger hunt, the Read Ready Covington initiative is building awareness and marketing momentum, one colorful piece at a time.
A new mural on the side of C-Forward’s headquarters at 5 West Fifth St. is being celebrated during a ceremony from 3:30 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. Friday during a celebration in the back parking lot.
The information technology company chose Read Ready Covington as its first Community Art Spotlight installation, and the mural recently came to life at the hands of various artists.
“Not only is the mural beautiful to see, this artwork informs and sends out a call to action asking everyone to value literacy by reading with their children daily,” said Mary Kay Connolly, director of Read Ready Covington.

But the mural isn’t the only part of that awareness effort.
Three sets of colorful metal signs - each featuring a letter of the alphabet and a word that begins with that letter (plus its corresponding picture) - are being installed on poles around Covington to create a sort of walking tour for young children and their parents.
At the bottom of each sign is the message, “You found a word. Go find more!” - and many families and their children report “collecting” the signs one at a time like a literacy version of a scavenger hunt.
One set of metal signs is spread throughout downtown while another is in the Peaselburg neighborhood. A third set will soon go up in Eastside.
Similarly, multiple sets of sticker-like signs are being displayed on buildings around the city. Businesses are “hosting” letters that thematically match some aspect of their operations. For example, Yankee Doodle Deli’s pretzel office on Scott Boulevard features the letter “P” and a pictures of a pretzel and other words beginning with “P.”
Any business or agency that wants to display a letter - or any resident that wants to be part of the Read Ready Covington effort - should call Connolly at (859) 292-2301.
The early literacy initiative sponsored by the City is mobilizing the entire community around getting its youngest children off to a better start in their school career. It aims to increase the percentage of children both who enter kindergarten prepared to do the work and who are reading on grade level by the end of the third grade. Almost two dozen community partners are helping encourage the use of early literacy apps, implement and publicize a marketing campaign, and get books in the hands of parents.

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