Preparing for the coming misery

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COVINGTON, Ky. -- The sun was bright in the sky today, but out at the Covington Public Works garage, Covington crews were thinking about snow. Or, more specifically, preparing for those days when they’re called out in force to treat snow-covered streets so residents can go about their lives safely.
While some crew members got a quick refresher course on the equipment, a few of the newer drivers practiced maneuvering one of the lighter trucks through an obstacle course on the parking lot of the Kenton County Fire Training Facility near the garage.

Drivers say the job requires intense concentration, nerves of platinum, a deft touch, and core strength - whatever it takes to maneuver a dump truck weighed down with a plow and salt through what amounts to an obstacle course ... for hours on end.

Laborer Teresa Schuler listens as Brad Schwenke, supervisor of Parks and Facilities, talks about the plows. Schwenke will take a turn as Covington’s “Snow Commander” during the winter season.