And so it begins

Crews from Prus Construction mobilized today to begin work on Riverfront Commons. A fence blocks access to the Madison Overlook at the floodgate opening.

Work  underway on Riverfront Commons

After years of planning and searching for funding, site work began today on Phase II of Riverfront Commons.
The $6.54 million project will transform the riverfront in Covington, bringing a 1,350-seat amphitheater, two concrete paths totaling 2,800 feet, a cobblestone pier for paddlers and anglers, upgraded overlooks, and a redesigned cul-de-sac at the foot of Greenup Street, also known as Riverside Place.
Crews from Prus Construction mobilized on the riverfront today, setting up fences and cutting away or carrying away garbage cans, stanchions, and other extraneous amenities and features. Vehicular traffic is now barred from the Madison Overlook and the old parking lot underneath the Roebling Suspension Bridge.
The project is scheduled to be finished in late fall 2020.
Phase II is part of Covington’s 2.7-mile section of Riverfront Commons, the 2006 proposal from the regional agency Southbank Partners to link six river cities with an uninterrupted 11.5-mile path stretching from Fort Thomas to Ludlow.

A Prus Construction employee cuts the bolts on a stanchion underneath the Suspension Bridge so it can be removed.

An old garbage receptacle is removed from the Madison Overlook.

In the foreground is the Scott Overlook. The opening will be closed off. In the background is the Madison Overlook. Both will be upgraded with lights, benches, pavers, and new fences