Covington says ‘farewell’ to retirees

Covington Fire Chief Mark Pierce, right, reads the details of promotions for three Covington firefighters: From right, Joseph Vance, Kurt Thomas, and Jordan Warner. At left is Assistant Chief Michael Bloemer.


COVINGTON, Ky. - A spate of retirements will take from the City of Covington nearly a century and a half of experience across four departments. 

While their “last days” vary, the Covington City Commission voted Tuesday night to accept resignations related to retirements for nine employees in the Fire, Police, Public Works, and Neighborhood Services departments.
The employees, with their years of service with the City:
  • Public Works Director Rick Davis -- 6 years.
  • Angel Ennis, service representative in the Housing Choice Voucher Program - 27 years.
  • Police Officer Bob Bacon - 19 years.
  • Police Officer Rob Linton - 17 years.
  • Police Cadet Joshua Cook - 1 year.
  • Fire Lt./Paramedic Chris Vogelpohl - 15 years.
  • Fire Engineer Greg Seifner - 20 years.
  • Fire Engineer Tony Frey - 15 years.
  • Firefighter Dave Kampsen - 20 years. 
Commission members praised Davis for his leadership within Public Works and for balancing the endless, diverse needs and concerns of Covington residents related to the City’s infrastructure and jokingly tried to get him to stay.
“It’s been a thankless job,” Commissioner Shannon Smith said.
Added Commissioner Michelle Williams: “Do you really want to go?”
Fire Chief Mark Pierce told the Commission that Vogelpohl and Frey were among the first group of paramedics hired by the City when it started the Advanced Life Support program and praised the pair for being “part of history.”
Frey addressed the Commission and said in brief remarks that working for the Fire Department had been an “entertaining, hair-raising” experience.
Also Tuesday night, the City Commission approved several promotions within the Fire Department to fill positions left open by the retirements, effective Sept. 1:
  • Engineer Joseph Vance to lieutenant.
  • Firefighter Jordan Warner to engineer.
  • Firefighter/paramedic Kurt Thomas to engineer/paramedic. 
All three men were hired by the Covington Fire Department in 2013, Pierce said.
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Retiring Fire Department Engineer Tony Frey addressed the Commission.