Properties sought for Beautification Awards

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This property at 542 Greenup St. owned by Betsy Goldfarb and Bill Sachs won a Beautification Award from the Friends of Covington in 2018.

Friends of Covington seeking nominations for annual competition

COVINGTON, Ky. - Do the grounds and exterior of your house or business epitomize “beautiful?”
The Friends of Covington want to recognize it.
The organization, which was founded in 1987 to help improve the image of Northern Kentucky’s largest city, is searching for properties to honor through its 28th annual Beautification Awards.
The deadline for nominating a property is Friday, Aug. 16. The short nomination form is available at or at Covington City Hall.
Judges from the Friends of Covington tour the property to gather information for their decisions.
“Over the years, the awards have developed into a tool that can be used to say ‘thanks’ to people who have invested their time, energy, and money into making their properties stand out in neighborhoods that stretch from the shore of the Ohio River to the southern-most tip of South Covington,” said the organization’s president, John Niland, in a call for nominations issued by the organization.
Winners receive a banner to hang on their building and a plaque awarded at a reception Oct. 17 at the Behringer-Crawford Museum in Devou Park.
“We always have a packed house for the beautification ceremony because we recognize winners in at least 18 neighborhoods,” Niland said.
Property owners don’t have to own a million-dollar home or business location to receive recognition, the organization said. “Year after year, the Friends of Covington has honored scores of people who did a spectacular job even though their budget was modest,” it said.
Property owners may nominate their own properties for an award but people who are selling their home or business building are prohibited from being considered. (The FOC said it does not want its awards used as part of a marketing campaign for people who are selling property.)
For more information, contact John Niland at or Greg Paeth at
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