Faceoffs, masks & face scrubs

COVINGTON, Ky. - Anybody could go to the local brewpub and quaff one, or to the local swimming pool and work on getting that tan.
But here in Covington, you can watch an entire street hockey tournament, get up early and do yoga with nature watching, start cobbling together your family’s Halloween costumes, attend pro wrestling in person, grab a history lesson, go to not one but two farmers markets (with everything from vegetables to special face scrubs), get to know your date around a pottery wheel, and do a trivia night.
Among other things:
Faceoff at K. Shields
Hint: Any time an item in this column mentions the Shieldz, Misfits, Trolls, and Goats, then you know we’re talking about street hockey, and specifically the Covington Street Hockey League.
Which means there’s a tournament this weekend.
Matches start Saturday at 11 a.m. at Kenney Shields Park. It’s an event, to be sure. Info, HERE.
Yoga Fit, the closing
For eight Saturdays in a row, dedicated yoga enthusiasts have gathered at the Devou Park band shell to stretch, awaken and center themselves (well, actually there was a storm cancelation one week).
And now, for the ninth and final time, come 9 a.m., the experts from Rooted Yoga will be leading the free Yoga Fit with organizational help from Covington Parks & Recreation.
It combines yoga poses and group cardio exercise. Info, HERE.
And, speaking of yoga, you knew this was coming: Yoga on The Rooftop of Braxton Brewing Co. Sunday morning. Tickets, HERE.
Wigs, here. Get your wigs ...
There are only 98 days until Halloween. If you’re like us, that’s barely enough time to put together a costume.
Fortunately, Theatre House is here to bail us out.
The theatrical supply shop on West 3rd Street will have its annual Blowout Sale on Saturday. We’re talking wigs, costumes, fabric, accessories, makeup etc. - everything you need to put together your fabulous alter ego, whether that’s Betelgeuse or the Notorious B.I.G. (or the Notorious RBG, for that matter).
Info, HERE.
(P.S. Sales are final. Meaning, you can’t do that prom dress trick.)
Christmas in July
Speaking of holidays, Christmas is exactly five months away today.
That means two things: Department stores are a few weeks away from putting up Christmas displays (augggh ... PERISH THAT THOUGHT!) and it’s time to celebrate the renowned “Christmas in July” events.
We know of three: 
  • Del Gardo’s event, where you can get fabulous holiday-flavored cannoli (Twisted Candy Cane, Bourbon Egg Nog, Hazelnut etc.) on Friday and Saturday night. Info, HERE
  • Greenery33’s event at Braxton Brewing Co. on Saturday, where you can design and buy plants, with part of the proceeds donated to Brighton Center. Info, HERE
  • Zazou Covington’s Karaoke event Friday evening. Info, HERE. 
Bridge facts
Why does it “sing?” How’d they get those cables to stretch? Who actually built it?
If you’ve ever been intrigued by the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, here’s your chance to satisfy your curiosity.
Experts on its history and construction will be leading free tours on Saturday morning. Info, and sign-up, HERE.
Farmers Market 2x (and hurry)
This item is a two-fer:
Vendors from the Covington Farmers Market just have too much awesome stuff, so they’re having a pop-up market this evening in addition to the regular Saturday event.
Tonight - it closes at 7!! - will feature alcoholic beverages in addition to the usual fresh produce, baked goods, live music, alcoholic beverages etc. It’s at a different location, though: the Historic Linden Grove Cemetery & Arboretum. Info, HERE.
We’re hard-pressed to remember everything for sale on Saturday, so we’ll quote the Market’s marketing: “Enjoy fresh meat and eggs, soaps and natural body products, sugar scrubs, fresh bread and baked goods, cold-pressed juices, unique spice blends and rubs, seasonal produce, prepared foods like soup, hummus, salads and Buddha bowls, plant starts, flowers, farm crafts, and more.”
Oh, and this weekend features kids’ activities. Info, HERE.
And then there’s ... “Orange is the New Black” Trivia Night on Friday at Keystone Bar & Grill, HERE ... Northern Wrestling Federation’s night of bouts Saturday at Hits Indoor Baseball and Sportsplex, HERE ... Date Night Pottery Wheel on Friday at Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center, HERE ... The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Show! on Saturday,HERE ... and the 19th Annual “Movin’ for Inclusion” 5K Walk on Saturday at Devou Park, HERE.