Le parfum de asphalte

6 miles of repaving begins July 29 in Latonia, then South Covington
COVINGTON, Ky. - Get ready for the smell of fresh asphalt.
The City of Covington's annual repaving program begins July 29, weather permitting, with trucks, equipment, and crews heading to the east side of Latonia to begin work.
Over the next two months or so, Riegler Blacktop of Florence will lay a smooth layer of asphalt on almost 30 streets in Latonia and South Covington, Public Works Director Rick Davis said.
All told, over 31,000 linear feet of street will be repaved, or just under 6 miles.

"They have a fairly aggressive schedule, and I can't wait for them to get started," he said. "Repaving is a critical part of infrastructure maintenance. It not only creates a smooth drive for residents but also increases the longevity of our streets by improving drainage and fixing erosion."
The $695,000 repaving program was approved by the Covington City Commission in late spring. The funds come from state and federal sources.
The City is divided into three quadrants, and every three years the worst streets in each quadrant are repaved. This year the areas include Section 3, primarily the east side of Latonia, and Section 3A, roughly the southeast side of South Covington.
A general map and the full list of streets to be repaved are at the bottom of this article.
Davis said Public Works is sending informational letters to people in affected neighborhoods. Signs warning of parking restrictions will be posted at least 24 hours in advance on streets to be repaved. The work will generally take two days or so at each location, with weather helping to dictate the speed of the progress, he said.
The City has already added handicapped access ramps or improved existing ones on corners of streets to be repaved.
Some of the work will include putting asphalt on top of existing concrete streets, which makes for a smoother ride, Davis said.
The streets:
Section 3 (east side of Latonia).
  • West 32nd Street, from Graff to Decoursey.
  • West 32nd Street, from its western end to Watson.
  • West 33rd Street, from its western end to Latonia.
  • West 33rd Street, from its western end to Caroline.
  • East 38th Street, from Church to Winston.
  • 43rd Street, from Latonia to Winston.
  • 46th Street, from Victory to Decoursey.
  • Beech Avenue, from 34th to its northern side.
  • Cottage Avenue, from West 33rd to its southern end.
  • Eureka Street, from Ehmet Drive to East 47th.
  • Rogers Street, from West 28th to West 31st.
  • Southern Avenue, from Clifford to West 35th.
  • Watson Avenue, from Southern to West 35th.
  • Huntington Avenue, from East 44th to East 46th.
  • Baltimore Avenue, from Vermont to Glenn.
  • Glenn Avenue, from Baltimore to East 45th.
  • Mabel Avenue, from West Southern to West 35th.
  • 40th Street, from Church to Decoursey.
Section 3A (southeast side of South Covington)
  • Clover Drive, its entire length.
  • Forsythia Court, its entire length.
  • Heathermoor Boulevard, its entire length.
  • Heathwood Court, its entire length.
  • Marnoam Drive, its entire length.
  • Sugar Camp Road, from Greenhill to Senour.
  • Wolf Road, from 1,600 feet east of Taylor Mill to Decoursey.
  • Berseem Court, its entire length.
  • Pampas Court, its entire length.
  • Blossom Lane, its entire length.
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