Precaution after pool chemical accident at Goebel

Goebel Pool is cordoned off after a small chlorine gas release.

UPDATE: The shelter-in-place advisory has been lifted. 

COVINGTON, Ky. - Residents living in about a one-block area around Goebel Pool are under a shelter-in-place advisory after pool chemicals inadvertently got mixed, Covington Fire officials said early this afternoon. 

“The mixture produced a small cloud of chlorine gas that was confined to the building, but we went ahead and issued the advisory as a precaution only,” said Mike Bloemer, Covington Fire Department Assistant Chief of Training and Operations, who is at the scene. 

The advisory applies to about a 500-foot radius around the pool building. 

The pool was not open to the public today - it’s scheduled to open this weekend. But an adult male who had been at the pool was taken to the hospital for evaluation, Bloemer said.

“Shelter in place” means to go inside, shut your doors and windows, and turn off any ventilation drawing air in from the outside. 

Also at the scene were Kenton County Homeland Security Emergency Management and the regional hazardous materials team.
Watch the City of Covington’s Facebook page, @covingtonkygov, for updates.
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